A clue that leads to the perfect photo op!

As Mark and I were taking the kids to a graduation party today in Penn Yan, I spotted something that caught my attention.

Yes, bicycles! From the fancy bags and the bikes themselves, I knew there was a photo op for some Mennonite kids fishing near the outlet.

We dropped the kids off and I asked Mark to turn around so I could take some photos.  Well, he has learned I really need to be taking photos to be happy, so he turned the truck around and we were off!

The big surprise for me was that the bikes did not belong to Mennonite boys.  No sir.  Instead, they belonged to some pretty young ladies! Mark parked the truck in a lot across from the girls and I was able to get a few photos.

The girls moved from this area and I figured they had gone.  But a short time later, I saw them on a small bridge.

This is my very favorite photo of the day…I cropped it a bit for my post on the photo a day journal.  These girls just looked so sweet and innocent.

Feeling pretty satisfied with the photos I got of these young ladies,  Mark and I took a ride to Geneva, then back to Penn Yan.  We decided to try a road we hadn’t explored before…it leads to a boat launch.  It was so beautiful there!  I will post a couple of photos I took there with the little Canon camera tomorrow.

It is now after midnight and we didn’t arrive home until almost eleven o’clock.  Time to call it a day!

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  1. What a great find! Don’t you just love it…when you THINK you are taking a picture of one thing…and something else entirely comes of it?? My favorite is the last one too! Innocence indeed.

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