What? Are the ducks complaining…

about the rain? Hmmm…Well, I think they might have actually been enjoying it this evening.

We had some banking to do in Canandaigua, so when the kids said they wanted to meet some of their friends there, Mark said sure.  We were off and on our way.  I guess it didn’t matter when the rain came…the kids met their friends and didn’t mind. 

While the kids were playing baseball,  Mark, the Scottie boys, and I did our errands. First stop…the bank.  Now, Angus is a pretty smart little fellow.  Show him something a time or two, and, by golly, he has figured things out. So, when we pulled into the drive up teller, Angus hopped up on Mark’s lap to “present” himself to the teller.  Since we were not at the teller’s window, Angus knew he needed to hop up so the girl would see him.

Just as sure as sure can be, Murphy sensed Angus’ excitement and he popped up in the rear window.  Of course, two Scottie Dogs with their heads hanging out the windows of a vehicle would be very hard to miss seeing! The spot where we pulled in has one of those air operated tubes that one places their banking inside a little container and the air sucks it up and then returns it when the teller is done.  Angus. knows. this.

Mark said he is pretty sure Angus doesn’t understand the logistics of banking, but he is sure the lad knows where cookies come from!  Sure enough,  the air noise began, and Angus grew tense with anticipation. As the little container made its way to our truck, Angus watched it, then impatiently waited for Mark to open it up. 

Angus stares down at the wonderful cookie machine!

Eureka!  Angus and Murphy both began dancing with delight as the scent of the treat permeated the truck’s interior…

After the exciting trip to the bank, we went to a couple of stores. Afterwards, I was hungry for an ice cream cone! Mark drove over to Abbott’s and then we pulled around to the back of the store while I ate. 

Over to our right, there was a huge pond puddle behind Denny’s Restaurant.  We watched as several ducks romped about, swimming in the water.  There were two pairs of  Mallard adults and eight ducklings that were probably about three-fourths the size of the adults….teens, I suppose!

As soon as I finished eating my cone,  I hopped out (into the rain, no less!) of the truck and grabbed my little bucket of cracked corn. Walking over toward the flock,  I was thinking they might just disperse.  I stopped a good distance away and pried the lid off the top of the bucket.  Grabbing a handful of corn,  I pitched it out in front of me, and the little waterfowl rushed toward me with wreckless abandon,  as though they had not been fed in ages!

Those ducklings sure were cute and even ate right out of my hand.  I fed them a lot of corn, then went and sat with Mark in the pickup.  The ducklings grazed and ate, then headed to yet another puddle where they dipped up and down in the water, splashing their little bodies and preening themselves.  It was so delightful to see.  Mama Duck stayed right with her children and would peck at any other ducks that wandered too near her “chidlren”. Within a few minutes, the whole brood was once again grazing where I had fed them….then back to the puddle to clean up!

Mark and I came to the conclusion these ducks were far from complaining about the weather…Instead, they were loving every minute of it!

I thought I would show you a couple more photos….

I love this new "face" that just showed up this morning!

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  1. Hahaha! Your description of Angus at the bank makes me laugh. Sherman does the same thing! Sherman is a lot bigger. Going to the bank with Sherman in the car can be quite the ordeal!

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