Feeling better sure feels better!

if that makes any sense?  Seriously, it is so nice to feel like I can hold my head upright without it falling over!

Yesterday I felt so good when I got up.  Mark and I did some things around the house and then Michelle went outside to help Mark with the Explorer.  I have renamed her our “Tinkerbelle Mechanic”.  She was sliding around under the Explorer like a grease monkey…using wrenches and the like….scooting around on a mechanic’s cart!   Hard to believe such a great student enjoys tinkering with exhaust systems!  But then again, perhaps she is such a great student because she enjoys learning….even if it is about exhaust systems!

Michelle worked on removing the muffler until she came to an impasse.  She and Mark came in to eat some lunch, then she went back out with Ben to cut off a piece of pipe.  Mark and I got ready to go out to buy some more “pieces to the puzzle”, or, parts for the exhaust system.  Mark and I went out to the garage and Michelle yelled, “Oh NO! The WRONG pipe!”. Then silly giggling followed!

Mark and I picked up some parts that he had ordered from Advance Auto in Canandaigua, then we went to Geneva to shop at BJ’s.  One of the key pieces we needed for the muffler replacement was not available anywhere in Canandaigua and Mark was a little upset, as it needed to be ordered from the Ford garage for $30.  Well, just for the fun of it, he called Cole Muffler in Geneva, wondering if they might just have the part. They do replace mufflers, after all. 

Mark spoke with the manager of Cole’s and he said they did have the part in stock!  After BJ’s we drove to the store and picked up the part.  The manager was so wonderful…he even came out and put the pieces together to show Mark how they went. Wow, what service!  And, the part was $15.

Mark and I went to a few more stores and in all honesty, I was surprised I was able to lift the wheelchair in and out of the truck!  We didn’t arrive back home until nearly eight o’clock and I must admit, I headed upstairs and fell down on the bed! I was pretty tired..

I got some cool photos today while walking around the yard with Murphy.  Murphy is such a funny Scottie…although he gets very excited when Angus gets the scent of a squirrel or chipmunk,  when we are out alone, Murphy could care less about things like hunting.  He is my little companion who pretty much stays close to my side.

Here is the little fellow running toward me. What? You cannot tell he is running?  Sheesh! If you had four inch long legs, perhaps you wouldn’t look like you were running, either!  (smile)  Actually, if you look closely, you can see his beard is kind of off to the sides, indicating motion!

Here is a Calendula flower that just opened today….it is orange and soooo pretty!

In the wildflower department, the Fleabane is making an appearance.  Boy, I just love the delicate Daisylike look of this flower!

Look what we found!  So pretty!

Oh my….here is one not too many will want to see…

One lonely autumn oak leaf lying in the grass.  A quiet day today and just taking it easy. We had dark skies this morning, but now the sun is shining and it is beautiful!

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