The mighty Calendula!

A  few years ago,  I bought some packets of seeds for Calendula, or Pot Marigolds.  I never ended up planing them, but gave some seeds to my dad.  He planted them and WOW!  The plants not only grew prolifically, but they multiplied. And multiplied. And multiplied!

The last time we visited with my parents,  I told my dad we didn’t have any Calendulas reseed themselves from last year.  It was early spring and my father had those flowers coming up by what seemed millions! 

Well, I lied.

Apparently,  my Calendulas are slower in “awakening” than those of my parents! About two weeks ago,  I suddenly had a “Calendula FOREST” spring forth!  Thus, this flower is for my mom and dad! (with many, many more to come!)

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  1. This is beautiful!!! I think they are so pretty….although I am highly allergic to calendula! We occasionally grow them in pots…but I didn’t plant any this year!

    Our Dahlias have been very slow to come up this year too…not sure exactly why though.

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