Another weekend!

First of all, Happy Father’s Day!

I was feeling a tad better yesterday, so when the kids went to a party down in Naples,  I went along for the ride. Mark needed to pick up some parts to fix the Explorer and since the Advance Auto in Canandaigua didn’t have some of the needed items, he decided to ride on down to Dansville where they were available.  I felt up to the ride, so we dropped the kids off and were on our way.

As an aside, the party they were attending was for a friend they met years ago. He was also homeschooled and began taking college classes at age eleven!  He began attending college full time while still young, and now at the ripe old age of eighteen, (he is a month younger than Michelle) he holds a  Bachelor’s Degree in communications!  Wow. At the age when many kids are just graduating from high school, he is now done with four years of college!

Well, then, Mark and I made it to Dansville and I asked if I could grab something to eat at Arby’s.  I haven’t been very hungry while being sick,  so my poor stomach has shrunken a good deal.   I got some chicken tenders, fries, and a Pepsi.  I ate two pieces of chicken and maybe half of the fries.  The Pepsi  tasted so good….while out, I felt like I was burning up and I wondered if I had a fever.  When we passed a business with one of those big signs with the temperature displayed, it said 91.  I guess that would account for my (great!) discomfort.

These flags were flying outside Arby’s.

There was a lot of little airplane activity in the sky above us, but the new compact camera only has four times zoom, so any shots might be useless!

After eating, we drove over and parked under a great shade tree and Mark got online and ordered the parts he needed.  He discovered that if he ordered online, a generous 40% could be taken off the price of parts!  Because the coupon offers required that you spend  $50,  $75,  $85, or $100,  Mark had to submit four different orders, as well as an online one that will deliver the parts to our house.  He basically got $700 worth of parts for less than $400!  Being very mechanically inclined, Mark doesn’t feel the least bit nervous about doing auto repairs!  Of course, he won’t do the work himself, but Ben will probably learn a lot!  I still shudder just thinking about taking a vehicle apart!

We picked the kids up after getting all our parts and then came home.  I was exhausted even not really doing anything strenuous!

Today, we weren’t sure about what we were going to do since I am still unsure about feeling 100%. We wound up just spending the day lying low.  We went out late this afternoon and I picked up a few groceries…mainly lemonade and tea…I have been so much more thirsty than hungry throughout this “bug”.  Afterwards, Mark and Ben went into WalMart for quite a long time!

When they finally came back out, Ben was so excited. Mark bought him a new baseball bat, glove, and ball. He has been enjoying hitting a ball with friends, and his old bat is far too small!  After Ben and Michelle ate, Ben asked if we would drove on over to one of the FlCC fields so he and Michelle could hit the ball together.

Mark, the Scotties, and I sat in the truck, watching the kids.  Both of the kids are pretty good at giving the ball a good whack! We were impressed.  When Mark whistled out the window,  Angus got so excited, he held his nose straight up to the sky and began to join in with “arooooooo”!

That was quite the experience! Of course, Murphy was not the least bit impressed!

The sky above us was so pretty!

The roof of the building in the lower right hand corner (rounded roof) is the CMAC center where many artists (even well-known!) perform.  As we sat and watched, the sky got prettier….

and prettier…

and on the way home, I had to holler “Stop” to Mark!….so I could get this….

Quite the lovely ending to Father’s Day, 2011!