How can I be so tired?

Yesterday’s long day seemed like it would never end sometimes.  When Michelle inquired if we were going to be home before 11pm,  I laughed….little did I realize that was closer to reality than not!

Here is a photo of  a Swan taken yesterday.

and another…

Ben has been feeling a tad under the weather.  He has been suffering through a cold. (colds in warm weather really stink!) I was so surprised when he got up today, because he went to Mark and asked if we could go kayaking!  Poor kid, he looked run down, but thought it would still be fun.

We went down to Woodville and right away, we decided we would try to paddle the nearly five miles to Vine Valley. Ben was pretty happy with the new kayak!

Mark called and I told him our plan, so he agreed to drive to Vine Valley to pick us up when we were done.  We paddled. And paddled. And, paddled some more!  My arms did get tired and I was getting way too overheated! It is funny how everything looks so different on the lake and we couldn’t recognize much of anything!

We did eventually reach our destination.  By the time we arrived, I could barely climb out of the kayak!  Ben came over and helped pull me out…I was so exhausted! In all fairness, I should say the wind was blowing smack against us from time to time.  I think Ben and I were happy to spot the truck waiting for us at the Vine Valley boat launch!

When we got home,  I made a late lunch and then had to wipe down the kayaks.  It is so nice not getting wet, nor getting the kayak wet with the new models. When we used the inflatables, we always wound up in a puddle, no matter what.  I finished wiping the kayaks down and a little White Admiral butterfly came over on the driveway to see what I was doing….

I can’t remember when I have been so tired!  All that fresh air and sunshine was exhausting!