Variety is the spice of life

and so, here is a variety of pictures…not making much sense!

These photos were taken using my new Canon Powershot S95 IS camera.

When we were in Penn Yan yesterday,  we took a drive to Bath.  I had wanted to take a road we found before called Winding Stair Road.  It is incredible, with turns to the left and right as though one was going up or down a winding staircase! Mark entered the road into GPS and plotted our destination….Hammondsport.  We drove along just enjoying the scenery and taking in everything we could!

We found the road we were looking for and drove on up a ways.  Sure enough, that road winds back and forth just as we remembered! We didn’t go too far up the road as it is a dirt road and it had some serious potholes! Yikes!  It is really cool, though, and on the way back  down, I took this photo, overlooking Keuka Lake off in the distance.

After buying a pint of ice cream to share in Hammondsport,  Mark and I drove to Bath to look at some cars. (as I talked about in yesterday’s entry)  Since we were in Bath, we drove around the town a little. I needed a couple of things and we saw a Family Dollar Store, so Mark pulled into a plaza.

As we sat there after I returned,  I saw a *huge* puddle at the end of the lot….

I have mentioned here that I am now participating in a daily journal in which one is supposed to add one photo a day. By late afternoon, I still had no outstanding  photo to post. Funny enough, if I don’t get something to post, I turn into Dragon Lady!  Yeah, I know….get a life, eh?

As I sat next to Mark, stewing,  I saw a young kid drive by in a pickup truck,  picking up speed and making an unbelievable splash as he drove smack through the lake  puddle. 

Eureka!  I looked at Mark and told him I found my photo op!  He totally understood as I opened the door and hopped down, camera in hand!  After five “takes”, I had some pretty impressive pictures of the family truck making its way through one ridiculously large amount of water!  Mark chose another photo for my journal, but I like this zoomed in version….no questioning if  the puddle was “big” or not.

Wow….water parting…just like the Red Sea, right? Okay, enough of our wild adventure.  Everything thereafter was quite boring, actually.

Now, on to house and home, where the Peonies are beginning to bloom.  They are later than everyone else’s Peonies because some seventeen years ago,  I planted them in the wrong place.  They are under trees where they don’t get enough sunlight to bloom as prolifically as they should.  I know this because I gave some roots to an elderly woman who lived down the road years ago.  She sold her house and moved a few years ago, but those Peonies she planted are gorgeous! And, she planted them where they get a whole lot more sun than mine….

Each year, these flowers become even more special because my Grandma Manelick gave them to my dad.  Grandma passed away in May,1972, and these are always a remembrance of her.

The other night as I was working,  Murphy was lying on a blanket on the couch….goodness, the wee fellow looked at me so lovingly.

hahaha…I could not resist!

This afternoon,  I wandered on down to Woodville. I wanted to see if the Eagle was anywhere around.  Nope.  I walked along the lake’s edge in the parking lot just listening to frogs plopping into the water with their unmistakeable splash and Red-Winged Blackbirds calling out.  These pretty little Forget-Me-Nots welcomed me as I strolled along.

Interesting the things one sees in the lake, as well as at its edge.  I looked up through the thick Cattails and spotted a Great Blue Heron perched on an old tree stump out in the water.  The photo is not clear, but you can see the bird sitting there….

I know I could easily spend an entire day…maybe even more, lakeside, just exploring and taking in the sights.  As much as my heart would love to wander, my head tells me I must be responsible…and so, I got back into the truck and headed on up the road.

I had noticed in coming down to Woodville that the church in Bristol Springs looked like it was getting ready for a new coat of blacktop on the parking lot.  As I came back to go home,  I saw an enormous truck sitting sideways in the road.  There was no accident,  but the truck just sat there, unmoving!

Oops. When the driver backed up to (hopefully) unload, the heavy equipment on the trailer caused it to bottom out on the road! As soon as I realized the truck wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I turned around and took an alternate road home.

So, how was this for a topsy-turvy post?  I need to upload my photos, so I thought I would entertain give you, Dear Reader, a glimpse of  life in the Bristolwood!