Busy, as usual

Today found us once again visiting Penn Yan.  The kids have made it a weekly ritual to hang out there on Sunday afternoons, playing tag football.  Several kids get together and have a friendly game and then “hang out”…..grabbing a bite to eat, swimming,  or just visiting.  One fellow who lives there is home from college for the summer, so everyone wants to maximize their time together.

We dropped the kids off and then Mark and I decided to take a nice little drive.  The scenery is simply beautiful with Keuka Lake being one of the highlights of the area.  We drove along the lake today,  heading for the small town of Hammondsport.  This town is tiny,  and although it looks rather “sleepy”  during the off-season,  it is a hopping place in the summer.

From Hammondsport,  we drove on over toward Bath, stopping to look at new cars.  We hate to get straddled with a new car payment, but truthfully, we don’t have an efficient vehicle.  The truck can get pretty decent milage, but it is far from great economy!  The Explorer is smaller than the truck, but its gas mileage is terrible! With Michelle going to school about forty-five miles from home this fall, we need better efficiency!

We looked at several small cars and were impressed by the mileage they are reported to get.  Some would use an estimated two to three gallons of gas, compared to six gallons if we used the Explorerto drive to Rochester and back.  Yes, time to crack down.  The cars would definitely be smaller than the Explorer, but I think we would do just fine.

Here are some photos I have taken recently…

This squirrel was a real poser! The little bugger was not the least bit intimidated by me moving in close to shoot some photos.  He just sat ther dining on an acorn.  When he was done,

he hopped down and began looking around under a trailer for more of his acorn stash! The other day, we drove through Middlesex and came upon an Amish or Mennonite chicken farm.  There was a horse fenced in near the chicken barn and as we drove past, the horse had its head poked into an open door of the barn, as though it was conversing with the hens!  We quickly turned around so I could get a photo, but the horse moved away from the barn!

Phooey…a missed opportunity!

Of course, it was much cooler in the shade of that tree than standing in the sun!

Last night, I stayed up far later than I should have.  I took the Scotties out one last time and as I walked alongside the wall holding Murphy in my arm,  I noticed his very dignified shadow on the wall.  After taking the boys out, I had Murphy sit on a chair and I took his “portrait”.  The quality is terrible, but I was just playing. Or experimenting!

When Mark and I got back to Penn Yan from out little expedition, the kids weren’t quite ready to leave.  Mark parked the truck and I went to see if I could find anything to photograph.  There wasn’t too much happening, but there were quite a few Mennonite young people moving around Penn Yan. I got this couple riding side by side.

My favorite, though, was a young couple in an open “courting buggy”.  Wow, what an awesome buggy this one is!

Did you happen to catch the bicycle “in tow”?

Hope you have a great week!