The rest of the story…

Well, after I left everyone….or is that “you”?….last night, are you wondering what I had to further blog about? 

I wanted to go kayaking yesterday, but the kids had friends over for a few hours.  The kids stayed until after six, so Iwas bummed.  I really wanted to get back out on the water.  Living within five miles of the boat launch makes me antsy! Ben must have taken compassion on me and decided to go out with me.

We arrived down at the lake and I brought along the Nikon D-80 with a (cheap) 70-300mm lens. (And I did  make sure the SD card was IN the camera!) As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, I got so excited!  One of my Eagle friends was perched in “the” tree at the south end of the lake! Needless to say, I was off and paddling in a hurry with the camera sitting on my lap!

Here are photos from last night…

The Eagle opens its wings and pants to cool off!

As you can see, the water was so still and it was awesome going out late in the day.  Who would have known? We weren’t out too long….not much more than an hour, but oh, what agreat outing this was!