How to cool off when the heat gets too hot!

The Bristolwood got a bit on the warm side this afternoon.  When things heat up,  I start falling apart.  I will never understand why I cannot tolerate heat,  but it really doesn’t matter that much.  So, as the temperature rose upwards,  I just walked down to the hammock and plopped down!

Note the brightly colored dress fabric…that is one of my new sundresses!  I never would have thought about wearing tie-dye,  but….well, I loved the vibrant colors in this dress for the summer.  Guess I will leave the more “drab” colors for winter!

As I rested in the hammock with my feet up in the air,  I really liked the view above me!  Yeah, it is tough admiring all those colors of green,  but somebody has to do it! 

Don’t let the photos fool you. I really only rested in the hammock for a few minutes! Actually, it was a quick shot for my Blipfoto journal, as I had no other photos today.  I was so excited, I thought I would share a photo of my new sundress with the world, literally!

As I walked back onto the porch,  I remembered a photo I wanted to take yesterday, but by the time I saw it, the lighting wasn’t as I wanted it.

I have loved Scottie Dogs for so very long.  Because of this, people who know me often give me Scottie Dog goodies for birthdays and holidays.  A few years ago,  Carly gave me a really cute terra cotta Scottie planter.  I was always hesitant to use it,  thinking someone might break it.  This year, however,  I decided to fill the planter with some Pansies.  As I walked past the planter last night,  there was a single Pansy strategically placed and it made me smile.  When asked about it, both kids said they did not do this…

As Mary Engelbreit would say,  “Too Cute”!

There is more that could be blogged at this point, but I am too tired to write any more.  So, we will put things off for tomorrow