A very long but Glorious day!

Today was jam-packed it seems! Michelle and I got up early and wanted to take out the kayaks.  Mark and I picked up a kayak at BJ’s Wholesale Club that we thought might be worth trying out.  The kayak is made of plastic, (but given a fancy name, of course!)  and made in, of all places,  Canada!  It really looked pretty nice and the price is a fraction of kayaks sold in sporting goods stores.  If it doesn’t work out, we have thirty days to return it.

I placed my older Nikon camera (the D-80) in a plastic bag with its 70-300mm lens. I was so excited,  I could barely contain myself.  Mark wanted to watch the maiden voyage, so he drove us down  to Woodville.  I got into the kayak  (much easier than the inflatable one!) and Michelle handed off the camera in the bag.  We began paddling and I couldn’t believe how much easier the new kayak was to paddle!  WOW!  I am not a strong paddler, but outdistanced Michelle with ease.  I was so far ahead, I decided to take some photos!  I removed the camera from the bag, and began composing,  when I realized the little light warning no SD card was inserted began to flash.  Argh….I had placed the card in the computer last night to upload photos so Icould reformat the card. Oops! The SD card was in the computer.

So. No pictures.

We went home after about one and a half hours of paddling.  Michelle said her arms were getting sore and I felt guilty as I could have gone on. Quite a bit more, really!

Mark and Ben worked on a project for a bit,  then Ben wanted to go to Penn Yan to play football with friends.  It was such an awesome day, I was happy to go for a ride. We dropped Ben and Michelle off, then Mark and I picked up takeout Chinese. I wanted so much to take some photos today and as I jumped down from the truck, I saw one golden opportunity!

The horse was so beautiful!  As I looked at my photo, I thought perhaps it might look good in black and white, or perhaps sepia… Iwent with the sepia. Welcome to a world some one hundred years ago!

We went to a park by the lake to eat.  As the food cooled down,  I hopped out of the truck to take some pictures. 

There was a fairly large flock (gaggle?) of  what appeared to be domestic geese grazing on the grass in the park.

These were only part of the flock,  but I didn’t close in too much as I could only imagine what all those buggers could do if provoked! I snapped away, admiring the lot, when I kept hearing a peep,peep, peep sound.  Suddenly,  some of the geese moved aside and I saw one tiny little gosling.  Only one!

Mark and I finished eating and then went for a ride. I told Mark Iwould love to get some photos of Amish or Mennonites today, and boy, was I in for a treat! Because the weather was so splendid today,  many of these folks were out and about!

We saw quite a few young  Mennonite people riding their bikes.  It is incredible watching these kids ride their bikes….pedalling effortlessly! They must have such strong legs as Penn Yan is far from being flat….quite the contrary, with some steep hills!

This young lady was pedalling along a road that leads down to the next “finger” of the Finger Lakes…Seneca Lake.  You can see the hills on the east side of the lake off in the distance.

The last photo is terrible…taken through the (filthy from bug juice!!!!) windshield.  But look at those faces….pure fun!

I wonder why the fellow was riding beside them on his bicycle….(oh, and what a beautiful and fancy buggy to boot!)

We could have driven on and on for a long time…just Mark, me, and the Scottie boys.  But, we knew the kids would be calling and we had strayed a few miles from town. We headed back and Mark stopped to snoop around a business (lumberyard) called Knapp and Schlappi….isn’t that a catchy name?  We actually just drove around looking at lumber and building supplies. I love this “special area”….

Oh, and a out the side window shot….

We talked to the kids and they weren’t quite ready to head home, so Mark parked in an area near downtown.  Restless, (what is new?)  I hopped out and took a walk, taking some pictures along the way.

As I crossed the small bridge on Main Street,  I admired the pretty flower box mounted to the bridge.  As I looked down the bridge ahead of me,  I saw many more of these boxes, each planted with a different selection of flowers!  They were so beautiful!

As I passed over the bridge,  I looked below and saw two young fellows fishing.  I recognized right away that they were Mennonites by 1. their plaid shirts, and 2. suspenders.  I hollered on down to them and asked what they might be hoping to catch.  They called back up to me,  “Bass”!  The funny thing was, Icouldn’t see the boys’ bicycles.  There was no way they walked into town…

The view from the bridge…

Not only does Penn Yan have beautiful flowers gracing the bridge,  but also lovely baskets of blooms hanging on the lamp posts.  Can you see the bumblebee?

Aha!  I discovered the boys’ bicycles near the path!

Because Penn Yan is located on the north end of Keuka Lake, one of the Finger Lakes,  it is a popular tourist community in the summer.  A quick stroll down Main Street offered some nice photographic opportunities.  The town is small,  but picturesque. The buildings are old and have lovely architectural details.

I just loved this store entrance!

I really like the Keuka Lake sign below, and the one about unsupervised kids is pretty funny.

Upcoming events!

and one blast from the past!

How cool is that?

As you can see, this was kind of a busy day.  A wonderful day!