I didn’t misspell the title.  My space bar is and has been acting up. Sometimes it spaces, other times, not!  Anyway, when I saw the title, I thought it looked cool so I left it!   Then I tried to type above the above photo and after trying to move the photo several times, I GAVE UP!  Argh.   That dragonfly above really caught my attention with its BLUE eyes!

Yesterday, as I was  going through some photos remotely (Mark stores them for me on a computer so as not to clog up my laptop) I sat outside and a hummingbird buzzed up to the feeder.  I quickly grabbed my camera, but just as I snapped, the little bugger  “lifted off”!

And….as I was sitting on the porch swing,  these annoying bees kept buzzing by.  I am not frightened of bees, but these are annoying to say the least!  They apparently gather mud, then look for tiny places to build a little nest. 

Ben had bought a handy dandy “bug zapper” and I thought it was so stupid.  Well, the thing looks like a tennis racket and there is a little button to press.  While pressing the button, it activates a “charge” (via batteries) and zaps a bug as one swats it.  This little device has really comein handy….I think I have zapped close to 100 evil bees! I would never use it on bumblebees or honeybees, but these monsters…..YES! (and just think of the calories I am burning…hehehe)

When we were at the mall the other day, there were families of geese everywhere…..

Mark has been painting Ben’s door for his room. (now in its final stages..)  Ben wanted the door in his room to be a deep wine color.  Well, Mark said okay, but he didn’t want the part facing the hallway that color…a little too BOLD!  So, Mark diligently painted the door red facing Ben’s room! As he worked in the garage, Angus slept below the door. (it was propped up on sawhorses)   The little fellow wadded up a section of dropcloth  and….dropped off to sleep!

Have a great weekend!