Have No Fear, Mum!

After all,Murphy is here!

I was a wreck all day today. Not sure how anyone could be around me, truthfully.  The heat and humidity were doing me in and I am afraid I grumbled and complained instead of grinning and bearing it. And soo….

Yup….my little Murphy boy is showing me that tomorrow,  Bon Ton is having a summer sale…and there are actually CUTE sundresses in this flyer!  The last sundresses I bought were probably six or  more years ago and I had to throw them out last year.  They couldn’t even be recycled as they had tiny holes all over them! I am not much of a shopper, really.  But this is one sale I am *really* looking forward to!

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  1. What an adorable picture of Murphy!!! I love this! Hope you have fun shopping for your sundresses! They do have some cute things!!

    The heat…can leave!!! Right now!!

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