A Little Day Out

unplanned, of course!

We went out late (in my estimation) at three this afternoon.  Ben thought we might have a bit of a picnic, so off  we went!  No destination in mind.

We drove east…partly looking for a lesser price to pay for gasoline. We stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken and got a bucket, then decided to tke a look at Cayuga State Park, thinking maybe a picnic there..We drove to the park,  but it was so wet and muddy and bug-ridden,  we opted out of eating at a picnic table.  Instead, we ate in the truck. We drove around through the campground and could not believe conditions.  People had small bales of straw they were placing on the ground around their tents and campers.  I didn’t envy those folks. Not one bit.  I dislike camping in wet, rainy=MUD! conditions!

After eating, we drove north on lake road that lead to 5&20.  We discovered we were a short distance from Montezuma National Wildlife  Refuge.  We took a ride through and didn’t see too much, but here are some photos.

That is a tiny little fox kit that looked like it was lost.

On our way back home,  I wanted to stop in Waterloo to snap a quick shot.  There was a woman sitting on the porch of the house where many, many little American  flags were inserted into the ground in the front yard.  I felt a little uncomfortable snapping as she was sitting there, so I waved, told her I love her flags and thanked her.  She then thanked me!

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