A Quiet Holiday Weekend

Once again, it is the Memorial DayWeekend when we pay a tribute in the US to the men and women who have served in the military.  Although that in and of itself makes this a somewhat somber holiday,  it is also the weekend when the summer season for parks and various recreational facilities officially kicks off.  Kids in school look forward to summer vacation, knowing it is just around the corner.

Our family usually has plans to spend a day picnicking or otherwise enjoying the weekend, but this year, we are sticking close to home.  We  often have already spent some time camping by this date, but the little camper still sits on its pad, winterized. We have so many things that need to be attended to here at home!

I took some photos of the Scots today, trying for a good one, but it was like pulling teeth trying to get both boys looking in the same direction! And so, here is asilly shot of Murphy…

Just look at that FACE! And, a serious shot.

I forgot to mention yesterday  that I had a dentist appointment.  The dentist looked at the post for the mini-implant and said it looks great.  The tissue looks healthy and is closing  in just as it should.  I go back in a few weeks and if all goes well,  they will take an impression and send it to the lab to create a new crown.  I am so happy that closure on this whole ordeal is finally within sight!

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