Feathered Visitor

This afternoon,  one of my dear little feathered friends came by (along with his wife, I might add) and happily clung to the suet basket, where he pecked away at the goodies inside.  I wish I knew if this couple was the same one that came to the feeder last year, but I cannot tell. 

As soon as I saw the birds at the feeder,  I grabbed the new Canon camera and turned it on.  Slowly, I edged my way closer and closer to the window. The little male became curious as to why I was there and hopped from the suet basket to the feeder itself.  He sat there,  eyeballing me!  It really was rather humorous and I did indeed get a couple of nice shots of him before he became fed up with this “game” and flew off! 

I only wish all the birds would be so brave as this handsome little guy. I never grow tired of seeing these birds. The female is so drab…just plain brown with stripes. As an aside, take a gander at this fellow’s beak and you will see why it is nearly impossible to keep my windows clean!  Yup…suet all over that gross beak!

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  1. I’ve seen a rose-breasted grosbeak at my feeder only once. They used to show up all the time at my parents’ feeder in Webster. They are beautiful.

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