Love the Columbines!

I really look forward to the appearance of Columbines each year.  They are one of my favorite flowers. Well, maybe flowers are just one of my favorite things!  Anyway, when they begin to bloom, it is always a treat. 

Believe it or not, this first Columbine is so prolific,  I had to yank several plants from the front of the house as they were beginning to overtake everything!  They are so pretty and very unlike the more “traditional” variety!

These plants grow to be pretty tall…some are about 2 or 2 1/2 feet.  As quickly as they reproduce themselves, they block the sun from all the other plants sharing their space.

On the east side of the house, between the house and garage,  is a mess I “call” a garden.  We have talked about raising the elevation of that area for years, but nothing ever gets done.  Thus, I have allowed the eastern garden to go in disarray… Perhaps that garden is a reflection of how my poor mind feels each year as things get put off! 

Anyway, this garden used to have some Columbines that were a rosy blush color, with yellow inside.  Now, all that remains are purple Columbines.   I don’t even remember what the original colored plants were…if they were a dark purple?  Now, there are two shades of purple there.  One is a deep blue color, whereas the others are definitely a red prevalent color. This is one of the blues. 

I crawled down onto the ground and looked up at that flower on my back!  I had to take several photos, as every time I took one,  the house was in the background! I didn’t want the house in the photo so lying on my back,  I had to pull the flowers forward with my left hand, then grab onto the camera as well so I could press the shutter release with my right hand!  All so very complicated…

As I have mentioned in the past,  I am so grateful to live in the woods where neighbors are few and far between.  Sometimes as I am positioned in such crazy contortions as above,  I become fearful someone might walk up and ask what on earth I am doing? Of course, I guess it really would be rather bold on their part, eh?

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