Does Anyone Really Like Mondays?

I know.  I shouldn’t complain, but it seems that whenever there is a problem, it always surfaces on the weekend and must be dealt with come Monday. I’m not complaining about anything, though! 

My heart and prayers go out for the people in Joplin, Missouri. In seeing photos coming from that area,  it seems unreal.  To see a hospital torn apart is unbelievable. Somehow,  one just never imagines so great a tragedy.  I am sure that everyone in that town will be touched in some way by the tornado.

We had some pretty wild windy gusts here in the Bristolwood today, followed by some heavy rainfall.  The good news is that the bad weather left as suddenly as it appeared and we are grateful,  for the earth is so saturated!  The sun also poked out several times and was accompanied by bright blue skies.  In looking at the weather forecast for this week,  it looked gloomy with rain every day.  If the rain comes and goes like it did today,  it wouldn’t be bad at all.

Both the white azalea and purple columbines make their homes in the garden between the house and garage.  The funny thing about the azalea is that I brought it home from WalMart a few years ago,  looking like it was really suffering from negligence. Poor thing was in pretty bad shape, but I paid very little for it.  It was only after it was in its new home that I found a tag on it, stating that the plant was suited for a planting zone far south of our region.  I decided not to fret,  since the plant cost so little and if it died,  too bad.  Perhaps it is the abundance of leaf coverage each autumn that insulates the little azalea, bringing it safely through the winter!

The purple columbines are not nearly  the size they were last spring.  I’m not sure why, but with the copious rainfall this spring,  perhaps the plants were afraid of drowning, so they put their “growth energy”  into surviving! Matters not…they are still beautiful!

So, what’s growing in your garden?

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  1. Hasn’t this weather been crazy lately??? I was at my daughter’s today so I missed most of the storms…we had just a few passing showers…nothing too bad til I started driving home around midnight!! Your flowers are gorgeous!

  2. That white azalea is stunning! Friend, Sheryl, and I took flowers to Lima cemeteries just before the big storm, and then headed to Red Lobster for lunch. The rains came just as we sat down, and were completely gone by the time we headed for home. Nice, but strange.

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