Not Quite what I Expected

Today was not at all as I thought it would be! 

We awakened to a glorious, bright and sunshiny day.  It was awesome and the temperature was lovely.  Not too hot. Not too cool.  However, as the day progressed,  I went about doing my chores and I noticed I was getting some pain in the implant area of my mouth.  The dentist had told me there might be pain for two to three days afterwards, but I thought since last night went fairly well, I would be okay today.

The dentist called our house this afternoon and asked how I was faring.  When I told him I had a feeling more of  “pressure” than pain, he still advised me to take Ibuprophen for a day or two.  I had taken a couple of Tylenol this morning, since that was all we had, but he said I neededthe Ibuprophen to not only reduce swelling, but also inflamation.  Mark and Ben went out late this afternoon to get some and for the first time today, I feel “nothing”  in the area of the implant.  I guess I did need the medicine after all.

So….I didn’t get many photos at all today. I did manage some,  but they are photos of flowers. Again. For a few fleeting minutes this afternoon, I almost thought a little kayak trip might  be nice, but then came to my senses. Funny how when you don’t feel quite “right”, it is easy to think of some wild ways to distract from discomfort! Oh, and speaking of the kayak, I have not been out in it yet this year!  We have had tooooo much RAIN!

And, speaking of rain!  I am so totally disappointed.  On the hill behind the house, we have a Wild Dogwood Tree that we discovered shortly after we built the house some nearly twenty years ago. I have enjoyed seeing the pretty flowers on it every year since then, but this will be the last year we will be seeing them.  The saturated ground apparently was more than the tree’s roots could handle and during one of the bouts of wind we had earlier,  the tree tumbled down and is now lying on its side on the ground.  Even if we could have someone tip it back up, the ground is running with water where its root ball would go, and it would fall once again.  It is over twenty feet tall, so moving it from its current position would be a giant task as well.

Over the years, we have bought various plants that were potted in some very nice containers.  When I went upstairs in the garage where all of the gardening equipment and goodies are kept,  I found a terrific planter that was once the home of pretty Begonias.  Igrabbed it and filled it with a couple inches of gravel, then potting soil.  I think my Pansy pot looks pretty perky!  The plants have grown some since being potted, so they must be happy!

It is interesting watching as flowers come and go in the garden in front of the house.  The Daffodils are nowbut a memory, save for their green leaves.  The Hyacinths are gone as are the mini variety.  The Alliums I planted two years ago are making a great comeback, though. Each plant has more than one flower as they did last year when they bloomed for the first time.  The Columbines are also making a strong showing and although they won’t flower for a long time, my Mums are thriving!

Although today was a bit disappointing  photowise,  I was glad for some relaxing time! I got to swing on the new swing a few times and that was fantastic!