The Big Event!

Well, it was a big event for me!

Today I went to the dentist to have the post for a mini implant “installed”.  The whole process was a lot shorter than I thought and not too bad. The worst part of the whole ordeal was when the dentist was screwing the post in.  You know how it always feels like the dentist has drilled a “cavern” for a filling when you run your tongue over the area ?  Well, even though the post  was the diameter of maybe a small finishing nail,  it felt like a spike going in!  What was really kind of tough was when he said his fingers hurt from screwing it in and he had to use a torqe wrench! He said my bone seems very hard and solid.

The dental assistant explained that people who bruise easily can have some bruising from this proceure.  Oh NO!  I*do* bruise very easily, but have no signs of it!  The dentist and assistant lauged when I told them it was okay…I would tell everyone the dentist did it to me, just like when the Rabbi hit me!  They, of course asked what that was about! Several years ago, a Rabbi rear-ended my car….my head was turned to the left to see if any traffic was coming.  The impact caused my head to bump hard against the window and I was left with a huge goose egg on my forehead.  Upon the Rabbi’s insistance,  Iwent to the hospital where Iwas told I had a concussion.  As time went on,  the bruising retreated downward until I was left with a dandy black eye!  So….the Rabbi gave me a black  eye when he hit me!

I was told the area around the tooth will be sensitive for a couple of days, but so far, it only feels like a lot of pressure.  It really isn’t “sore”.

When I came home,  I wandered down to where the Lilies of the Valley are growing.  They are spreading each year and each year,  it  is always like seeing them for the first time.

As I snapped the photo above, the sun came out and lit up this plant!

Tomorrow, we are supposed to see sunshine and a lot of warmth. I hope I can take some photos.  With all the colorless skies and rain we’ve seen lately, it isn’t very inviting to grab the camera!