Glorious Skies?

Okay, I learned about blogging a few years ago from a friend.  She once made a comment that one shouldn’t  spend time talking about the weather on a blog.  HA!  That was before the Northeast developed a Monsoon Season!   I mean, when is the last time we have seen so much rain? Don’t get me wrong…I am *not* complaining. Honestly, by this time every year,  I have been bitten by mosquitoes and am counting the days until their dreaded season comes to an end.  This year,  it is so wet,  I have not had one single bite.  Very unusual!

We had a list of errands today that made me want to crawl back under the covers and hide!  There was just so much to do, and it had to be done.  We left the house early afternoon and dropped the kids off  at the mall so we could get busy.  As we were running around,  we saw glimpses of blue skies! Although the sky was probably 99.9% gray, those tiny streaks of blue cheered everyone right up!  The blue was so intense and it looked very “marbled”.  So enticing….until the rain began again later!

I took a couple of photos while inVictor….

That sun came shining through and warmed up the day!  It got quite warm, as a matter of fact!

Just to give you a “feel” for my day, here is a list of the stores Ivisited today:

Best Buy, BJ’s, Bill Gray’s (oh, those cheeseburgers were soooo awesome!) Guitar Center, Big Lots, Sam’sClub (both at the gas station and store) Lowe’s, TJ Maxx, Aldi, and WalMart.  None of these stores were connected…I just had to hop in and hop out! Phew, no wonder I am sleepy tonight!

Michelle has gotten most of her grades back for this spring semester from Finger Lakes Community College.  She did  very well and I am  thrilled for her!  She has gotten A’s in all her subjects which will result in a 4.0 average this semester!  She showed me one of her papers and the professor made a comment that he was honored to have a student of her caliber in his class. Wow.  Who ever would have thought?   We are so happy for our serious student!  She is now looking forward with great anticipation to attending Rochester Institute of Technology this fall. 

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I am off to the dentist where he will screw a stainless steel post into my gums (well, bone, really) to prepare for a crown to be mounted on it.  This is called a Mini implant.  I am told the area will be “tender” for a couple of days.  I am so excited about about this, I don’t care if it is sore for a bit.  It will be soooo worth it all when I no longer have to wear my “plastic tooth”!

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  1. You sure DID have alot of places to go today! I’m tired just thinking about going to all those spots in one day!! It was kind of nice to see the sun a bit today, wasn’t it? I can do without the HOT, HOT weather and the mosquito bites too. That’s the one thing we really like about going south in March…it is BEFORE Bug Season and not too hot. Until this year…it was much, much warmer and more humid than other years. I had a bit of a meltdown and had to head for my A/C a couple of times!! So glad to hear that Michelle did well and is looking forward to her studies at RIT. Good Luck at the Dentist…I know how much you were looking forward to getting rid of the “plastic”!!

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