Just Two

Two photos I took today, that is!  One of these, I posted one my “photo a day” journal.  I really did crawl down on the (REALLY) wet ground and shoot these photos from underneath a May Apple plant in the woods!  It wasn’t too bad, though….I was on my way up from the mailbox,  so I placed a few pieces of JUNK mail on the ground, then positioned myself on top of them!  Heck,  just look at what marvelous little parasols those leaves are!

I took these when the rain had ceased for a few minutes.  Then later this afternoon,  we saw some blue sky breaking through and a few streaks of sunshine may have reached down for a few seconds.  Yes, I  know I am being indecisive,  but I am still trying to figure out if there really was sun,  or if it was a mirage!