The Beautiful Colors of Spring Have Arrived!

Finally!  Yes, the weather gave us a bit of a break…the torrential downpours stopped and the temperatures climbed to a milder springlike clime.  As happens every year, as soon as the sun and warmth arrived,  so did bursts of color!

I have photographed those tulips year after year,  but they still fascinate me with their intense yellows, reds, and oranges.  Inside each flower, it looks as though someone used a paintbrush to streak a blush of color to contrast with the bold black centers…

Of course, few people can resist visiting the local nurseries once things begin to show signs of  spring!  I was amongst those,  Imust admit and this year, the pansies are looking especially appealing!

The spring also heralds the return of some old friends,  like my formally attired guy who last year pecked the window to alert me of sparse seeds in the feeder!

The Hummingbirds are also back, their shrill but tiny chirps heard near the house.  They are always so exciting to see!

And, just for a contrast,  I spotted this old Case tractor sitting up on a bank while taking the kids to school on Tuesday.  Although it was a rather colorful photo,  I really liked it best in black and white!