This post has nothing at all to do with red tomato sauce that is placed upon hotdogs and hamburgers!  But it is about (slowly or otherwise) catching up!

 Last Saturday was one (very!) full day.  Michelle has made up her mind that she will definitely attend Rochester Institute of Technology this fall.  When Carly asked if she was attending the RIT fair, Michelle decided she should/we would.  This was slated as an all day affair, but we had some other things on the burner as well. 

We began our day by stopping at Mark’s mom’s house to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day a day early.  We visited and had a nice time spending time outdoors where the weather was chilly, but beautiful.  We left my mother-in-law’s house and scooted on over to RIT.  It was pretty late by the time we arrived and met up with Carly and her family.  The event was scheduled until 5, and we made it there at about 3:30, so I think we missed much of the festivities.  This fair is a big event and the students and faculty all work hard to put their best innovations and ideas out for the world to see!  Last year, about 32,000 people showed up at the school and we were told the number grows larger and larger each year!

As Mark and I read comments by alumni from RIT, we laughed because some people were “distraught” by the RIT “brick presence”.  RIT has its own brick….it is manufactured solely for their buildings.  However,  upon  completion of study,  alumni may order this unique brick to build their home if they desire!  All of the buildings on campus are constructed using this brick, and although some might complain about it, I found it cool, as the buildings match.  Instead of hodgepodge buildings,  the scenery blends nicely.  The buildings are not all built alike, so there is individuality even in the midst of conformity!

And speaking of individuality,  there are some unique “artforms” throughout the campus!

We wandered about some,  looking at exhibits and seeing  just how this university encourages students to dream and innovate!  The display that absolutely captured my attention is one that would appear less “academically oriented”,  but to me,  it is mind-boggling!

This entire display was created from balloons!  It was very large and colorful and impressive!  Michelle overheard students saying this project was begun on te previous Monday at 10 in the morning and was completed on Saturday (the day of the fair) at 1pm!

Just across from the awesome balloon display was a young man and woman who invented edible cupcake “papers”!

They are currently looking for a company to take up their invention! We had so much fun wandering about,  but 5 o’clock came quickly and everyone began to take down displays.  Carly’s family headed home and we went to a couple stores. Michelle and Ben were going to meet their friends for a concert in Rochester, so we were just biding some time.  After dropping the kids off,  we went to Carly’s house and picked her up.  Carly, Mark, and I went to dinner at Applebee’s in Pittsford.

We relaxed and had a great time,  even without the kids! (Carly’s husband, Jeff, stayed home with their kids) After enjoying our meal and chatter,  we went back to RIT. Mark wanted to drive me around to see the size of the campus,  which is actually the size of a small city.  We took a few night shots… of Michelle’s new “home”. (in the dark)

This is the business school.  Right across from the school is a gigantic field where guys were playing soccer under some pretty powerful lights!

As we sat in the truck,  Carly honed in her “shooting skills” even with Angus perched (quite happily!) upon her knee.  Actually, he was sitting on the seat, just hanging outand enjoying the fresh night air!

We dropped Carly back at her house and then awaited a call from the kids.  Finally, they called and we were on our way home  from one full day! We arrived back home late and I cannot begin to explain just how awesome and comforting it was to fall into bed….