Canandaigua High Waters

My friend Jeanne has been away for a bit and when she returned, she was surprised at how high the water in Canandaigua Lake had risen.  So, here are some photos I took during our “monsoon” (or so it seemed!) season.

First, here are some photos showing the south end of the lake.  This is in Woodville, which is maybe about five miles from our house.  I have said before that Woodville is situated at a very low level on Canandaigua Lake…

You can see there is little to distinguish where the parking lot begins and the lake ends! I can’t remember exactly how many days it had been raining at this point, but it was heavy, relentless rain! Here is some looking rather innocent, coming down from the surrounding hillsides.  Multiply all this water by, well, a great deal.  Canandaigua Lake is basically a “bowl” for the hills running from the south end of the lake to about midway. (The lake is about 20 miles long)

The water running down the side of the road runs into conduit under the highway and then into the lake.  This was a rather small “waterfall”. 

The flooding at the south end of the lake made me curious about what was happening at the north end!  The Canandaigua City Pier would tell the story.

The boathouses looked like the water was literally going up to their doorsteps!

As I walked around taking photos, I saw a man looking along the boardwalks.  I commented on how high the lake was and what a mess it was. He told me the water actually made its way *over* the pier during Hurricane Agnes in 1972. 

Just before driving onto the pier,  there isa marine located on the lake.  Their docks on the eastern side of the lake were completely submerged.

A day or two after visiting Woodville,  I wandered that way again and couldn’t believe my eyes!  The water had risen even more!

During our wild weather,  it was almost cruel at the day’s end when beautiful sunsets would seem to appear from nowhere!

Thankfully, this weather has passed! I have never seen so much rain for so many days, at least that I can remember. We still have the little clouds with drizzling rain showing up in the weather forecasts, but thankfully,  the chances of rain are reduced to about 20-30% instead of  90-100%!