Writing to Myself!

Once again, it looks as though I am writing to myself!  Argh.  Oh well.

Been a terribly busy week.  Well, not for me. But…I did not spend hours in front of the television,watching the big event in the form of the royal wedding.  That  just isn’t my cuppa.  But,  today as I was thinking about it,  I did watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana.  I guess I had a little more time back then.  Anyway,  I did look at many photos of Prince Wm. and Kate’s wedding….wow! Those hats!  And the queen dressed in canary yellow.  My oh my, what an event!

Michelle has made her decision about college and sent in her deposit to RIT. (Rochester Institute of Technology)  In speaking to some of her business professors, they were rather pleased with her choice.  Michelle could have attended a public school, but instead, chose RIT, which is a private institution.  I am happy with her choice and I think she will be, too.  At the moment, she is feeling a little overwhelmed by everything,  but she will be okay.  Of that, I am sure!  She earned a great deal of financial relief in the form of grants and scholarships from her excellent grades…we are so pleased she is such a good and serious student!

The news about the death of Osama bin Laden has been screaming out everywhere.  People are arguing about whether to rejoice or just be thankful.  There is so much controversy that it has nearly sent me into media shock.  I will be grateful when this death is no longer newsworthy.  My gut feeling is that although he is now gone,  there will rise up more enemies and they might even be more deadly.  I do not mean to sound pessimistic but there will always be people out to destroy others for one reason or another.

We have gotten so much rain!  I don’t think I ever remember seeing so much rain for so many days.  In looking back, I think we have gotten maybe one “semi” nice day a week with some sunshine peeking through the clouds inthe past two or three weeks.  The ground is so saturated!  I had been thinking about planting a small garden with at least tomatoes, but wonder when Iwill be able to plant!  This dreary weather is bad enough, but it is accompanied by quite a chill as well.  Today, the temperature was about 38 degrees most of the day and I finally made a fire in the woodstove late this afternoon to take the dampness out of the air. 

We are looking forward to the summer, but it will be another busy one.  Michelle didn’t realize she would receive more money towards her schooling if she received her Associate’s Degree from the community college she attends.  Once she discovered this,  she began to make amends immediately.  The net result is that she will be taking three online business courses from the college this summer so she will receive the degree.  She contacted RIT’s admissions  and they noted that she will be getting her associate’s  and have tentatively agreed to give her a bigger grant once she has her degree in hand.  Michelle is determined to get the degree and is sure the coursework will allow for some fun activities despite the fact she will be working on schoolwork!

That about sums it up here.  With all this rain, I have not been taking photos like I normally would. Rain just isn’t that good for the camera!!!