Have No Fear, Mum!

After all,Murphy is here!

I was a wreck all day today. Not sure how anyone could be around me, truthfully.  The heat and humidity were doing me in and I am afraid I grumbled and complained instead of grinning and bearing it. And soo….

Yup….my little Murphy boy is showing me that tomorrow,  Bon Ton is having a summer sale…and there are actually CUTE sundresses in this flyer!  The last sundresses I bought were probably six or  more years ago and I had to throw them out last year.  They couldn’t even be recycled as they had tiny holes all over them! I am not much of a shopper, really.  But this is one sale I am *really* looking forward to!

A Little Day Out

unplanned, of course!

We went out late (in my estimation) at three this afternoon.  Ben thought we might have a bit of a picnic, so off  we went!  No destination in mind.

We drove east…partly looking for a lesser price to pay for gasoline. We stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken and got a bucket, then decided to tke a look at Cayuga State Park, thinking maybe a picnic there..We drove to the park,  but it was so wet and muddy and bug-ridden,  we opted out of eating at a picnic table.  Instead, we ate in the truck. We drove around through the campground and could not believe conditions.  People had small bales of straw they were placing on the ground around their tents and campers.  I didn’t envy those folks. Not one bit.  I dislike camping in wet, rainy=MUD! conditions!

After eating, we drove north on lake road that lead to 5&20.  We discovered we were a short distance from Montezuma National Wildlife  Refuge.  We took a ride through and didn’t see too much, but here are some photos.

That is a tiny little fox kit that looked like it was lost.

On our way back home,  I wanted to stop in Waterloo to snap a quick shot.  There was a woman sitting on the porch of the house where many, many little American  flags were inserted into the ground in the front yard.  I felt a little uncomfortable snapping as she was sitting there, so I waved, told her I love her flags and thanked her.  She then thanked me!

A Quiet Holiday Weekend

Once again, it is the Memorial DayWeekend when we pay a tribute in the US to the men and women who have served in the military.  Although that in and of itself makes this a somewhat somber holiday,  it is also the weekend when the summer season for parks and various recreational facilities officially kicks off.  Kids in school look forward to summer vacation, knowing it is just around the corner.

Our family usually has plans to spend a day picnicking or otherwise enjoying the weekend, but this year, we are sticking close to home.  We  often have already spent some time camping by this date, but the little camper still sits on its pad, winterized. We have so many things that need to be attended to here at home!

I took some photos of the Scots today, trying for a good one, but it was like pulling teeth trying to get both boys looking in the same direction! And so, here is asilly shot of Murphy…

Just look at that FACE! And, a serious shot.

I forgot to mention yesterday  that I had a dentist appointment.  The dentist looked at the post for the mini-implant and said it looks great.  The tissue looks healthy and is closing  in just as it should.  I go back in a few weeks and if all goes well,  they will take an impression and send it to the lab to create a new crown.  I am so happy that closure on this whole ordeal is finally within sight!

Feathered Visitor

This afternoon,  one of my dear little feathered friends came by (along with his wife, I might add) and happily clung to the suet basket, where he pecked away at the goodies inside.  I wish I knew if this couple was the same one that came to the feeder last year, but I cannot tell. 

As soon as I saw the birds at the feeder,  I grabbed the new Canon camera and turned it on.  Slowly, I edged my way closer and closer to the window. The little male became curious as to why I was there and hopped from the suet basket to the feeder itself.  He sat there,  eyeballing me!  It really was rather humorous and I did indeed get a couple of nice shots of him before he became fed up with this “game” and flew off! 

I only wish all the birds would be so brave as this handsome little guy. I never grow tired of seeing these birds. The female is so drab…just plain brown with stripes. As an aside, take a gander at this fellow’s beak and you will see why it is nearly impossible to keep my windows clean!  Yup…suet all over that gross beak!

Love the Columbines!

I really look forward to the appearance of Columbines each year.  They are one of my favorite flowers. Well, maybe flowers are just one of my favorite things!  Anyway, when they begin to bloom, it is always a treat. 

Believe it or not, this first Columbine is so prolific,  I had to yank several plants from the front of the house as they were beginning to overtake everything!  They are so pretty and very unlike the more “traditional” variety!

These plants grow to be pretty tall…some are about 2 or 2 1/2 feet.  As quickly as they reproduce themselves, they block the sun from all the other plants sharing their space.

On the east side of the house, between the house and garage,  is a mess I “call” a garden.  We have talked about raising the elevation of that area for years, but nothing ever gets done.  Thus, I have allowed the eastern garden to go in disarray… Perhaps that garden is a reflection of how my poor mind feels each year as things get put off! 

Anyway, this garden used to have some Columbines that were a rosy blush color, with yellow inside.  Now, all that remains are purple Columbines.   I don’t even remember what the original colored plants were…if they were a dark purple?  Now, there are two shades of purple there.  One is a deep blue color, whereas the others are definitely a red prevalent color. This is one of the blues. 

I crawled down onto the ground and looked up at that flower on my back!  I had to take several photos, as every time I took one,  the house was in the background! I didn’t want the house in the photo so lying on my back,  I had to pull the flowers forward with my left hand, then grab onto the camera as well so I could press the shutter release with my right hand!  All so very complicated…

As I have mentioned in the past,  I am so grateful to live in the woods where neighbors are few and far between.  Sometimes as I am positioned in such crazy contortions as above,  I become fearful someone might walk up and ask what on earth I am doing? Of course, I guess it really would be rather bold on their part, eh?

Sometimes the Camera Wanders…

just like my mind!  Since I have been spending ever so much time at home because the price of gasoline has driven me to do so, I just have not been taking so many photos.  I suppose I could waltz up into the woods and take some pictures, but…yeah, there are endless tasks calling out that supersede any such notion.

One such task ocurred yesterday when I opened the camper to take a look at the inside.  GROSS!!!!!  I can assure you that I am ever-conscious about certain things and one of them is that we must, must, must leave the doors open on the refrigerator and freezer in the camper over the winter.  That said,  I always insert something to keep the doors ajar.  Yesterday, when I  looked, the doors were both *closed*.  Bravely, I slowly opened one door at a time, fearful that a dark mold-monster would grab me by the neck…didn’t happen.  Actually,  I think because of the minimum mold growth inside the fridge, someone closed the doors ( by accident, to be sure) rather recently.

I trudged back up to the house and filled a bucket with hot soapy, with a tad of bleach added water.  I faithfully scrubbed every square inch of that unit, even taking out the shelving to make sure that nothing remained untouched!  I propped a broomstick in the doors, making them gape even more open than usual. I got to thinking about this…we have owned that camper since 2002 and this is the first time this has happened. I guess all in all, that isn’t too bad. But,  it did set me back about an hour….

This next photo was taken last week. Mark and I went to the pond behind Arby’s because I just like to see what is back there from time to time. I walked a bit and saw some ducks.  Unfortunately, there were a bunch of people there as well. There were several young girls…maybe 10 or11 yearsold. There were six adults as well. In the water were three Mallard drakes, friendly little fellows who came on over to see if they might be so fortunate as to coerce a few tidbits of food.

I grew rather annoyed that the (stupid) girls were throwing pebbles to the ducks to see if they would eat them. The (stupid) adults were chatting as though oblivious to the girls’ activity.  As you can see,  the ducks were smart enough to discern that they were being teased and only looked under the water to see.  If the duckshadn’t hadsuch good sense, I think I might have reprimanded those naughty children right in front of  the (mindless) parents.

And the last photo is funny, although you would never know it….

As I sat on the porch swing yesterday morning (as I do most every morning for a bit) it was breezy. As  I sat on my swing, I noticed the Pansies nodding in the wind. No  big deal.  But, as I watched, I couldnot help but laugh!  The bright yellow flower, closest, was nodding its pretty face affirmatively.  The little flower would bob up and down, up and down. On the opposite end of the pot, the pale flower vigorously shook its “head” from side to side, as though vehemently opposing the brighter flower!

Now, about that post (for the mini implant) I had inserted last Friday…The post felt somewhat uncomfortable on Saturday.  The dentist called the house and asked how it was doing.  I told him it felt like there was pressure there and he asked if I had taken any Ibuprophen.  I told him no and he said I really should take it for 24 hours.  Iwas told it not only reduces swelling, but also inflammation.  Well, Idid as the doctor ordered and everything was fine.  The funny thing is,  I discovered it was the site where the novacaine was injected that was bothering me, not the post! I am surprised, but there is no pain or discomfort whatsoever!  I haven’t felt like choking and coughing , either, as I no longer have to wear the temporary tooth.  I am so excited!

Does Anyone Really Like Mondays?

I know.  I shouldn’t complain, but it seems that whenever there is a problem, it always surfaces on the weekend and must be dealt with come Monday. I’m not complaining about anything, though! 

My heart and prayers go out for the people in Joplin, Missouri. In seeing photos coming from that area,  it seems unreal.  To see a hospital torn apart is unbelievable. Somehow,  one just never imagines so great a tragedy.  I am sure that everyone in that town will be touched in some way by the tornado.

We had some pretty wild windy gusts here in the Bristolwood today, followed by some heavy rainfall.  The good news is that the bad weather left as suddenly as it appeared and we are grateful,  for the earth is so saturated!  The sun also poked out several times and was accompanied by bright blue skies.  In looking at the weather forecast for this week,  it looked gloomy with rain every day.  If the rain comes and goes like it did today,  it wouldn’t be bad at all.

Both the white azalea and purple columbines make their homes in the garden between the house and garage.  The funny thing about the azalea is that I brought it home from WalMart a few years ago,  looking like it was really suffering from negligence. Poor thing was in pretty bad shape, but I paid very little for it.  It was only after it was in its new home that I found a tag on it, stating that the plant was suited for a planting zone far south of our region.  I decided not to fret,  since the plant cost so little and if it died,  too bad.  Perhaps it is the abundance of leaf coverage each autumn that insulates the little azalea, bringing it safely through the winter!

The purple columbines are not nearly  the size they were last spring.  I’m not sure why, but with the copious rainfall this spring,  perhaps the plants were afraid of drowning, so they put their “growth energy”  into surviving! Matters not…they are still beautiful!

So, what’s growing in your garden?