Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was really Monday, but that wasn’t so far off.  Really.  Anyway,  on Monday afternoon,  I had to run an errand, so before coming back home,  I decided to see what was happening down in Woodville.

I happened to catch a couple with a youngster heading out in a boat.  The young person was so excited! 

After the boat left,  I looked at the dock and realized there wasn’t much of it  above the water anymore! 

As one can see, there is some water creeping up out of the lake and covering places it isn’t supposed to be!

In fact, the water was teasing to come up onto the parking lot. We sure have had a huge amount of rain this April and in thinking back,  I don’t think I have ever seen the lake so high.  Although the water level of the lake is adjusted, (I think in Canandaigua)  it would be impossible to lower the lake significantly without flooding other areas!

After dinner,  I went upstairs to relax for a few minutes.  We had such a downpour!  But coming through the screen was sucha pretty pallette of color.

Who would ever believe the sky could produce such a lovely sunset after such weather?

Today,  I took another look at Woodville.  We keep getting  more and more rain.  At times,  it seems just a bit too much for comfort,  but it all works out in the end.

Waterfalls are beautiful, but right along the road, particularly in Woodville,  this could be a not-so-good thing.

Okay….Woodville is set down deeply near the lake.  It is almost like a little community carved into the walls of shale with just a small amount of space allocated for homes and cottages.  When the rains come down,  the lake rises and Woodville  looks like its very life is in danger!  Thankfully, many cottages have good walls between the lake and buildings so the lake doesn’t “move in”!

When I saw the lake today, however,  I was a tad shocked!

Ummm…..the parking lot appears a “bit” flooded!

Those trees and signs are not really supposed to be in the water!

That same dock  I saw the people leave on yesterday is now completely submerged!  It would be a trick to launch a boat in these conditions!

My curiosity was now piqued,  so I needed to see how the river south of the lake was faring.

Funny how just a few hundred feet from the boat launch,  life seems unscathed by the torrents of rain we have gotten this week!  This fellow was just sitting on a five gallon bucket and patiently waiting for “the big one”  to come along!

I have been spending some time in the kitchen,  making up goodies that I never knew I could make!  It is incredible how one can find tremendous recipes online quickly and easily.  I love it that many of the recipes have also been critiqued by others and even have comments left about how to improve upon the recipes.

Late this afternoon,  I decided to make Barbequed Pulled Chicken sandwiches for dinner.  Since I was making the chicken,  I decided to make some tasty rolls to mound the chicken upon.  After all,  homemade buns are always so much better than store-bought.  I made up a recipe of Zesty Italian Dressing for Mark…he loves broccoli lightly steamed, then drizzled with Italian dressing.  The dressing recipe must have contained twelve different ingredients! I finished my kitchen adventure with Zucchini Casserole for the kids.  I was pretty tired and hot after all this, so I stepped outside…..

and was blessed with another fabulous sunset!

We have been under a barrage of alerts, watches, and warnings regarding the weather.  Fortunately,  our ditches have proven to be reliable even for massive amounts of water,  so we have done okay.  We had to make a few minor adjustments when the first downpours arrived,  like raking leaves out that caused blockages and sent water spilling into places it was not supposed to be.

Tonight,  we remember those in areas that have indeed been hit hard by this unusual spring weather.  I heard several people died today where heavy rainfall and tornadoes wreaked havoc.

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