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Argh!  I have not been doing much  here, as I have not been doing much!  I have been staying put at home and tending to all the typical “spring” things, that just are not too exciting.  I have not taken many photos lately either.  I’m not burned out or such,  but there just isn’t that much to photograph!

Saturday afternoon,  we drove the kids down to Bath for an “event” featuring eight different bands.  The show began in the late afternoon and ran on until late evening.  We dropped the kids off and then went to see Eunice and Noah.  I have not seen Eunice in a couple of months, so this was a highlight of my day!

Little Susanna has grown so much!  She will celebrated  her nine month markthe 17th and I am thinking she must weigh about fourteen pounds now.  Pretty good for one who began life under two pounds!  She smiles and giggles like crazy and it so adorable in a little white bonnet she wears.  Eunice said Susanna did spend five days in the hospital in late February after having a bad cough and breathing difficulties.  She was tested for pneumonia and was negative.  No whooping cough, either.  Eunice said they were unsure what,  exactly, the trouble was.

I had taken a garlic press for Eunice as she said she has never had one before.  She loves garlic, so I thought it would be a good gift for her.  She was quite happy to get it, too!  I also took along some “fancy” marzipan candy I bought at Aldi. It is special for Easter, and wrapped in pretty pastel wrappers.  Little Chris climbed up on the table and peeked inside the bag, finding the candy.  Eunice grinned and told him he would have to wait to eat it untl later.

I didn’t intend to stay long, as I was unable to forewarn Eunice of our rather unplanned visit.  She was so happy to see me,  but I didn’t want to interrupt her day.  We said our good-byes and I walked out to the truck.  I opened the door and there was Noah, sitting in the passenger seat, talking to Mark.  He finished up what he was saying and hopped out.

After we left,  Mark said that a doctor gave Noah a form to fill out regarding help with their (still) insurmountable  hospital bill for little Susanna.   The form  is for help from charity….the Amish will not take government help, but will welcome charity help.  At the bottom of the form,  there was even a question that asked if Medicare was received. (government)  It then asks,  if not,  why?  Of course, Noah would answer his church does not allow it.  We are praying this is the long awaited answer to our prayers for them!

Other than our day out on Saturday,  everything was been about “home”.  It seems there is so much to do! Last summer,  Mark and Ben picked up a fantastic porch swing….in order to mount it,  Mark decided to make some mounting blocks to bolt into the porch framing….convenient when he was the one who built our house….he knows where everything is! The only problem is that the weather has not been cooperating so the swing remains “seated” on the porch!

As you can see in the photo, the porch is wet. We have not only been “blessed” with  lots of rain, but also winds that were merciless for two days and yesterday and the day before….snow!  Our spring weather has been frightening!  Cold, grey, damp, and did I mention cold?  Seriously,  I would rather endure freezing temperatures and snow than this hovering a few degrees above freezing and continuous rain!  Wow!

All the spring flowers that have sprung seem to be in “on hold” mode!  The daffodils are partially opened, seeming like they refuse to show their faces until it warms up!

Tomorrow is the promise that it will warm up!  With rain…(of course!)  Hopefully, these “April showers” willgive way to some heavenly “May flowers”!  Of course, if the weather is getting to be too much and your sunny disposition has just been overwhelmed, take heart!  Just go to Aldi and pick up some of that fabulous marzipan candy….it is chocolate coated, after all….AND,  we know that chocolate can cure almost any blues!

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  1. Guess I’d better go to Aldi’s. I know a little girl (though, at a solid 5-ft, she’s not quite so little now!) who absolutely loves Marzipan. I wonder if she’s ever had it coated with chocolate.
    Stay warm. Maybe our snow has finally gone.

  2. I just returned from a mission trip to Ecuador less than a week ago (which I have been blogging about). I was hoping that it would be spring here when I got back.

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