Adding Some Color to the Bristolwood!

Last week,  as I entered Wegman’s, I was greeted by a fantastic display of AfricanViolets.  The colors were so pretty….I just could not help being drawn over to have a look.  As I perused all the pretty offerings,  I decided I would leave with a ruffly white with purple flowered plant.  (after all, they were a steal at only $2.99 each!)

Murphy was waiting in the truck when I came out with my new plant in a bag.  As soon as I got inside the truck,  I opened the bag and placed the pretty plant in the cupholder.  For some reason,   Murphy became “enamoured” with the thing!  He sniffed and sniffed and sniffed again.  He even *gussied* up the leaves a bit by licking them! I promptly scolded the wee lad, but it was too late; several of the leaves of my perfectly shaped violet were broken!  It was okay, though, as plants generally recover quite nicely. As soon as we arrived home,  I placed the new plant in the north-facing window in the kitchen.  It seems to be doing nicely, although still lopsided!

Since I am loving the color purple, I thought Iwould also show some pretty purple flowers out front…

My Grape Hyacinths are coming up nicely this year and perhaps we will have them in bloom for Easter!  I really need to tend to the flower bed out front as when it rains heavily,  the rain overflows the gutters, splashing down onto the beds and washing away all my cedar mulch! You can see in these pictures, if you enlarge them, they were taken after rainfall last night!

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