I had a little problem with my computer. The Dell laptop I use was the problem, really.  I had accidentally caught  my sleeve on the Alt key and it pulled up in the air. I had removed keys from keyboards before to clean them, but this Dell key was pretty tricky.  I showed Mark and he told me to put it aside so he could fix it when he had time.  He thought the laptop needed a cleaning as well since he thought it felt too warm.

This afternoon, Mark got around to fixing the laptop and now it works much better.  And,  Mark even had some trouble trying to figure out how to replace that key that popped off.  (made me feel better!)

Hopefully I will be keeping up better now.  I must say that Mark was unable to totally resuscitate  the Panasonic camera….I never realized how much I missed it until it broke. I have a new model I am awaiting, but it is on backorder. It is also a Panasonic.  I was told today I *might* see it in about three weeks. Argh.

Oh, while the Dell was down,  I was using  my little Acer netbook.  Wow….the processor was so slow and it was nearly painful trying to upload photos for blogging.  I love the Acer and use it alot, but it really is good to be back to “more” normal!

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  1. Glad you are back in business!!! We had a key pop off Ben’s Acer yesterday! Actually…it was a little tiny PAW that was the culprit!! She accidentally stomped on the keyboard…not good!

    Hope all’s well!

    That seems like a really long time to wait for your point and shoot! I’d be LOST without my Canon!!

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