Around the Homestead…Around the Bristolwood

Today was a mild and sunny day full of blue skies!  Since the snowmobiles are now tucked away for the summer, it was time to take a drive on the ATV’s.  Ben has been wanting me to go for a ride with him,  and Mark wanted to ride as well.  We set off and I took along my Nikon D-80. (the older of my D-SLR’s)

Before we left, I just had to stop and photograph the beautiful Crocuses which seemed to be smiling back at the sunshine.  I am unsure how much longer they will last, but their beautiful colors and cheerful “faces” add so much to the barren front yard.

We will allow the photos to speak for themselves…

Okay…so, why the Scottie Dog socks?  Well…I had vowed not buy another Scottie sock. Ever!  As I was poking around for dark socks to wear on my ride, I came across this pair I bought last Chrsitmas at Macy’s.  C’mon….the bright colored Scotties were just too hard for my heart to resist….

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  1. The sepia pics are my favorites. I’ve really got to go take some pictures myself…it has been waaaay tooo long! Beautiful day for a ride.

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