Funny, Funny Animals!

After today, I am quite sure the Lord created animals to humor us and make us smile! We just have to take the time to see them at their antics.

I dropped the kids at school today, then went down by the lake.  Nothing too interesting there.  I looped around and went towards town.  As I was driving, I spotted three Mallard Ducks and pulled into McDonald’s as that was where they were hanging out.  I parked the truck and smiled from ear to ear as I watched this trio.

You cannot see the third duck in the photo above, but the trio consisted of one girlie and two boys.  Can you take a guess who was the “leader”?

Yes sir! The little girlie was calling out for the fellows to follow her! She acted so confident.  I got a bit concerned….5 & 20 is a major highway, after all!

As the traffic came speeding along, all three ducks made a beeline towards the sidewalk!  I guess they do have some “street smarts”!

Time for another crossing attempt.  This time, the boys decided to go their own way.  Enough of  following that girlie and nearly getting run over!

My heart was in my throat as I watched the three ducks waddling across two lanes of traffic. Thankfully, there was little traffic and a big white truck came to a total stop to allow the birds to make it to the median.

As I returned to our truck , a man pulled over next to me and asked if I thought the ducks were going to make it all the way over to the other side of the road!  He had been watching them as well!

I didn’t linger.  I had errands to run and I could not spend any more time watching the ducks.

I finished all my errands and then picked up Ben. We grabbed some lunch and headed on home. 

Along the way home on Route 21, there is a marshy area between Canandaigua and Cheshire.  Ben and I were chatting as I drove along, when something that seemed very out of the ordinary and strange caught my eye! Ben looked at me with questioning eyes as I pulled into a side road and turned the truck around.

Sure enough!  I did see what I thought I did!

If you click to enlarge the above photo, you might be able to make out a bushy tail draped from the opening in the nesting box….As I passed this area, I had to do a double take, as I was pretty sure I saw a squirrel sitting on top of that same nesting box!  As soon as I got out of the truck, the little bugger hurried and hopped inside the box.

The second photo is an attempt to show that there was no way, other than by swimming for that little squirrel to get to the box!  The little bugger would have to swim at least 6 or 8 feet to reach the pole!

I had no idea that squirrels could even swim!

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