Happy April!

Yesterday, I spent the day running in circles…actually, I was running in and out of the house.  I was cleaning house on the inside while evaporating more sap on the outside!  I had enough sap to produce two more pints…I am now up to ten pints…one gallon and one quart!  AND…the sap keeps on coming!

One funny thing that happened as I was boiling down the sap….The trees were dressed in white as yesterday’s photo shows.  Well, as the day went on, the temperature warmed up enough to cause the “dressing” to melt.  And, in so melting,  I (and my boiling pan!) became targets for the trees to pelt huge snowball like “plops” in the most unusual places.  Several times, I had to adjust my hoodie to let the snow that slithered down my spine fall to the ground!  I also got plopped on the head….more than once!  And the poor pan….the sap was boiling away when it suddenly lunged out of the pan as a huge sloppy wet “plop” fell into it! Unfortunately, along with the snow came other things, such as bark and dirt! (Don’t worry, this was all filtered right out!)

We are having a great year for syrup making because the weather is cooperating so nicely.  The weatherman said a couple weeks ago that the temperatures we are experiencing are running about fifteen degrees below normal.  That makes for more sap! 

This morning,  Mark asked me to make pancakes, but I declined!  I hate making pancakes!  I have no idea how people make them and have them cook all the way through.  My pancakes are consistently raw in the center.  I did, however, make some waffles.  I bought my little stovetop waffle iron about 100 years ago…oops, slight exaggeration!….maybe about 30 years ago.  I ordered it from a catalogue and was intrigued by the hearts that form a circle.  The iron was made in Denmark and it really dodn’t take long to figure out how to make good waffles!

Mark and I opened a wee jar of syrup I had made and we ooohhhed and aahhhhed over the sweet topping.  The kids just asked me to pass the bottle of artificiallymapleflavoredhighfructosecornsyrup. Blech!  My children have no taste. But that is okay, as it means there is more of the real McCoy left for us adults.

The snow we got is now nearly all gone, although we keep getting little bursts of snowflakes every now and then.  We are officially well into mud season….it is everywhere!  As I was hustling back and forth the day before yesterday, I nearly slipped on the mud twice!  It is so “greasy”!

Last night, I used 1/4 cup of my syrup mixed with 1/3 cup Dijon mustard and 1 teaspoon of Balsamic vinegar to make the most tasty chicken breasts!  Oh my, they were so good.  I found the recipe online and wasn’t sure about it at first, but it really did taste gourmet!  One could always use honey in place of the syrup and that would be good, too.  I baked the breasts at 350 for about half and hour, then brushed the glaze on.  I then baked them for ten more minutes. 

No photos today. I have been doing things inside the house today and just didn’t feel like going out.  It was such a dismal day with gray skies and snowlakes coming and going all day. 

Ben did his annual “gotcha” April Fool’s Day gag of placing packing tape on the sprayer next to the sink so when I turned the spigot on, I got a good spraying.  The only catch that was different about this year was that instead of doing this early in the day,  he waited until I was preparing dinner tonight. 

So, Happy April Fool’s….hope you weren’t the brunt of any nasty pranks!