Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was really Monday, but that wasn’t so far off.  Really.  Anyway,  on Monday afternoon,  I had to run an errand, so before coming back home,  I decided to see what was happening down in Woodville.

I happened to catch a couple with a youngster heading out in a boat.  The young person was so excited! 

After the boat left,  I looked at the dock and realized there wasn’t much of it  above the water anymore! 

As one can see, there is some water creeping up out of the lake and covering places it isn’t supposed to be!

In fact, the water was teasing to come up onto the parking lot. We sure have had a huge amount of rain this April and in thinking back,  I don’t think I have ever seen the lake so high.  Although the water level of the lake is adjusted, (I think in Canandaigua)  it would be impossible to lower the lake significantly without flooding other areas!

After dinner,  I went upstairs to relax for a few minutes.  We had such a downpour!  But coming through the screen was sucha pretty pallette of color.

Who would ever believe the sky could produce such a lovely sunset after such weather?

Today,  I took another look at Woodville.  We keep getting  more and more rain.  At times,  it seems just a bit too much for comfort,  but it all works out in the end.

Waterfalls are beautiful, but right along the road, particularly in Woodville,  this could be a not-so-good thing.

Okay….Woodville is set down deeply near the lake.  It is almost like a little community carved into the walls of shale with just a small amount of space allocated for homes and cottages.  When the rains come down,  the lake rises and Woodville  looks like its very life is in danger!  Thankfully, many cottages have good walls between the lake and buildings so the lake doesn’t “move in”!

When I saw the lake today, however,  I was a tad shocked!

Ummm…..the parking lot appears a “bit” flooded!

Those trees and signs are not really supposed to be in the water!

That same dock  I saw the people leave on yesterday is now completely submerged!  It would be a trick to launch a boat in these conditions!

My curiosity was now piqued,  so I needed to see how the river south of the lake was faring.

Funny how just a few hundred feet from the boat launch,  life seems unscathed by the torrents of rain we have gotten this week!  This fellow was just sitting on a five gallon bucket and patiently waiting for “the big one”  to come along!

I have been spending some time in the kitchen,  making up goodies that I never knew I could make!  It is incredible how one can find tremendous recipes online quickly and easily.  I love it that many of the recipes have also been critiqued by others and even have comments left about how to improve upon the recipes.

Late this afternoon,  I decided to make Barbequed Pulled Chicken sandwiches for dinner.  Since I was making the chicken,  I decided to make some tasty rolls to mound the chicken upon.  After all,  homemade buns are always so much better than store-bought.  I made up a recipe of Zesty Italian Dressing for Mark…he loves broccoli lightly steamed, then drizzled with Italian dressing.  The dressing recipe must have contained twelve different ingredients! I finished my kitchen adventure with Zucchini Casserole for the kids.  I was pretty tired and hot after all this, so I stepped outside…..

and was blessed with another fabulous sunset!

We have been under a barrage of alerts, watches, and warnings regarding the weather.  Fortunately,  our ditches have proven to be reliable even for massive amounts of water,  so we have done okay.  We had to make a few minor adjustments when the first downpours arrived,  like raking leaves out that caused blockages and sent water spilling into places it was not supposed to be.

Tonight,  we remember those in areas that have indeed been hit hard by this unusual spring weather.  I heard several people died today where heavy rainfall and tornadoes wreaked havoc.

Painted Lady

Last Thursday as Mark and I waited for the kids at school, we pulled into a lot at the north end of Canandaigua Lake. I was happy to see the Canandaigua Lady was back in the water, removed from the state marina parking lot where she had been dry-docked for the winter for a makeover. Part of that makeover was a new paint job!

Now I am very excited because this entry is not only being sent from my phone, but I took the above photo with my Nikon D-SLR, using a micro SD card inserted in an adapter! The blur in the photo was a brief snowsquall….yes, it has been that chilly!


Yesterday, I transplanted a dozen little tomato seedlings I had planted only a little more than a week before. With the cold temperatures we have had lately, the stove has been keeping stoked. The warmth in the living room sprouted the seeds in record time…the packet said 7-10 days, but my plants appeared in 4 days! When I did the transplants, I buried nearly all of the stems so they will develop new roots for healthier and stronger plants.

On another note, I am posting this entry from my cell phone. How cool is that?

Blog, Blog, Blog…

Argh!  I have not been doing much  here, as I have not been doing much!  I have been staying put at home and tending to all the typical “spring” things, that just are not too exciting.  I have not taken many photos lately either.  I’m not burned out or such,  but there just isn’t that much to photograph!

Saturday afternoon,  we drove the kids down to Bath for an “event” featuring eight different bands.  The show began in the late afternoon and ran on until late evening.  We dropped the kids off and then went to see Eunice and Noah.  I have not seen Eunice in a couple of months, so this was a highlight of my day!

Little Susanna has grown so much!  She will celebrated  her nine month markthe 17th and I am thinking she must weigh about fourteen pounds now.  Pretty good for one who began life under two pounds!  She smiles and giggles like crazy and it so adorable in a little white bonnet she wears.  Eunice said Susanna did spend five days in the hospital in late February after having a bad cough and breathing difficulties.  She was tested for pneumonia and was negative.  No whooping cough, either.  Eunice said they were unsure what,  exactly, the trouble was.

I had taken a garlic press for Eunice as she said she has never had one before.  She loves garlic, so I thought it would be a good gift for her.  She was quite happy to get it, too!  I also took along some “fancy” marzipan candy I bought at Aldi. It is special for Easter, and wrapped in pretty pastel wrappers.  Little Chris climbed up on the table and peeked inside the bag, finding the candy.  Eunice grinned and told him he would have to wait to eat it untl later.

I didn’t intend to stay long, as I was unable to forewarn Eunice of our rather unplanned visit.  She was so happy to see me,  but I didn’t want to interrupt her day.  We said our good-byes and I walked out to the truck.  I opened the door and there was Noah, sitting in the passenger seat, talking to Mark.  He finished up what he was saying and hopped out.

After we left,  Mark said that a doctor gave Noah a form to fill out regarding help with their (still) insurmountable  hospital bill for little Susanna.   The form  is for help from charity….the Amish will not take government help, but will welcome charity help.  At the bottom of the form,  there was even a question that asked if Medicare was received. (government)  It then asks,  if not,  why?  Of course, Noah would answer his church does not allow it.  We are praying this is the long awaited answer to our prayers for them!

Other than our day out on Saturday,  everything was been about “home”.  It seems there is so much to do! Last summer,  Mark and Ben picked up a fantastic porch swing….in order to mount it,  Mark decided to make some mounting blocks to bolt into the porch framing….convenient when he was the one who built our house….he knows where everything is! The only problem is that the weather has not been cooperating so the swing remains “seated” on the porch!

As you can see in the photo, the porch is wet. We have not only been “blessed” with  lots of rain, but also winds that were merciless for two days and yesterday and the day before….snow!  Our spring weather has been frightening!  Cold, grey, damp, and did I mention cold?  Seriously,  I would rather endure freezing temperatures and snow than this hovering a few degrees above freezing and continuous rain!  Wow!

All the spring flowers that have sprung seem to be in “on hold” mode!  The daffodils are partially opened, seeming like they refuse to show their faces until it warms up!

Tomorrow is the promise that it will warm up!  With rain…(of course!)  Hopefully, these “April showers” willgive way to some heavenly “May flowers”!  Of course, if the weather is getting to be too much and your sunny disposition has just been overwhelmed, take heart!  Just go to Aldi and pick up some of that fabulous marzipan candy….it is chocolate coated, after all….AND,  we know that chocolate can cure almost any blues!

Adding Some Color to the Bristolwood!

Last week,  as I entered Wegman’s, I was greeted by a fantastic display of AfricanViolets.  The colors were so pretty….I just could not help being drawn over to have a look.  As I perused all the pretty offerings,  I decided I would leave with a ruffly white with purple flowered plant.  (after all, they were a steal at only $2.99 each!)

Murphy was waiting in the truck when I came out with my new plant in a bag.  As soon as I got inside the truck,  I opened the bag and placed the pretty plant in the cupholder.  For some reason,   Murphy became “enamoured” with the thing!  He sniffed and sniffed and sniffed again.  He even *gussied* up the leaves a bit by licking them! I promptly scolded the wee lad, but it was too late; several of the leaves of my perfectly shaped violet were broken!  It was okay, though, as plants generally recover quite nicely. As soon as we arrived home,  I placed the new plant in the north-facing window in the kitchen.  It seems to be doing nicely, although still lopsided!

Since I am loving the color purple, I thought Iwould also show some pretty purple flowers out front…

My Grape Hyacinths are coming up nicely this year and perhaps we will have them in bloom for Easter!  I really need to tend to the flower bed out front as when it rains heavily,  the rain overflows the gutters, splashing down onto the beds and washing away all my cedar mulch! You can see in these pictures, if you enlarge them, they were taken after rainfall last night!


I had a little problem with my computer. The Dell laptop I use was the problem, really.  I had accidentally caught  my sleeve on the Alt key and it pulled up in the air. I had removed keys from keyboards before to clean them, but this Dell key was pretty tricky.  I showed Mark and he told me to put it aside so he could fix it when he had time.  He thought the laptop needed a cleaning as well since he thought it felt too warm.

This afternoon, Mark got around to fixing the laptop and now it works much better.  And,  Mark even had some trouble trying to figure out how to replace that key that popped off.  (made me feel better!)

Hopefully I will be keeping up better now.  I must say that Mark was unable to totally resuscitate  the Panasonic camera….I never realized how much I missed it until it broke. I have a new model I am awaiting, but it is on backorder. It is also a Panasonic.  I was told today I *might* see it in about three weeks. Argh.

Oh, while the Dell was down,  I was using  my little Acer netbook.  Wow….the processor was so slow and it was nearly painful trying to upload photos for blogging.  I love the Acer and use it alot, but it really is good to be back to “more” normal!

Around the Homestead…Around the Bristolwood

Today was a mild and sunny day full of blue skies!  Since the snowmobiles are now tucked away for the summer, it was time to take a drive on the ATV’s.  Ben has been wanting me to go for a ride with him,  and Mark wanted to ride as well.  We set off and I took along my Nikon D-80. (the older of my D-SLR’s)

Before we left, I just had to stop and photograph the beautiful Crocuses which seemed to be smiling back at the sunshine.  I am unsure how much longer they will last, but their beautiful colors and cheerful “faces” add so much to the barren front yard.

We will allow the photos to speak for themselves…

Okay…so, why the Scottie Dog socks?  Well…I had vowed not buy another Scottie sock. Ever!  As I was poking around for dark socks to wear on my ride, I came across this pair I bought last Chrsitmas at Macy’s.  C’mon….the bright colored Scotties were just too hard for my heart to resist….

Funny, Funny Animals!

After today, I am quite sure the Lord created animals to humor us and make us smile! We just have to take the time to see them at their antics.

I dropped the kids at school today, then went down by the lake.  Nothing too interesting there.  I looped around and went towards town.  As I was driving, I spotted three Mallard Ducks and pulled into McDonald’s as that was where they were hanging out.  I parked the truck and smiled from ear to ear as I watched this trio.

You cannot see the third duck in the photo above, but the trio consisted of one girlie and two boys.  Can you take a guess who was the “leader”?

Yes sir! The little girlie was calling out for the fellows to follow her! She acted so confident.  I got a bit concerned….5 & 20 is a major highway, after all!

As the traffic came speeding along, all three ducks made a beeline towards the sidewalk!  I guess they do have some “street smarts”!

Time for another crossing attempt.  This time, the boys decided to go their own way.  Enough of  following that girlie and nearly getting run over!

My heart was in my throat as I watched the three ducks waddling across two lanes of traffic. Thankfully, there was little traffic and a big white truck came to a total stop to allow the birds to make it to the median.

As I returned to our truck , a man pulled over next to me and asked if I thought the ducks were going to make it all the way over to the other side of the road!  He had been watching them as well!

I didn’t linger.  I had errands to run and I could not spend any more time watching the ducks.

I finished all my errands and then picked up Ben. We grabbed some lunch and headed on home. 

Along the way home on Route 21, there is a marshy area between Canandaigua and Cheshire.  Ben and I were chatting as I drove along, when something that seemed very out of the ordinary and strange caught my eye! Ben looked at me with questioning eyes as I pulled into a side road and turned the truck around.

Sure enough!  I did see what I thought I did!

If you click to enlarge the above photo, you might be able to make out a bushy tail draped from the opening in the nesting box….As I passed this area, I had to do a double take, as I was pretty sure I saw a squirrel sitting on top of that same nesting box!  As soon as I got out of the truck, the little bugger hurried and hopped inside the box.

The second photo is an attempt to show that there was no way, other than by swimming for that little squirrel to get to the box!  The little bugger would have to swim at least 6 or 8 feet to reach the pole!

I had no idea that squirrels could even swim!