Enjoying them While We May!


This morning, I had my day kind of plotted out before me.  I had a lot of sap that needed my attention, so that needed to be tended to.  I quickly took a look at a friend from Ohio’s Facebook photos showing beautiful little Crocuses.  I was turning green with jealousy….I was thinking it would be a few weeks before we would see any spring flowers.

I started a fire outside on my little makeshift fireplace and began filling my pan with sap. After getting everything set up, I knew I would have a little time to do something else for a few minutes.  I got my camera and walked around to the front of the house to have a look.

The snow melted away a great deal yesterday and I was surprised to see several little crocuses all up and nearly ready to open!  The sun was shining brightly most of today and those crocuses could not have looked any more beautiful!

This purple flower was just radiating sunshine!!!

I wish I would have had more time to spend with the flowers, but my project needed my attention.  Syrup making requires a lot of work, especially keeping the fire going to keep the sap boiling.  I was gathering cutoff pieces of wood from the garage and had to walk back and forth a lot.  The worst part is that it is full-blown mud season and the mud near the fire was as slippery as an ice skating rink!  I nearly fell a couple of times before realizing I needed to be extra cautious!

I had pulled up a chair on the back deck, toted out a couple of books and my laptop…how crazy to think I would have spare moments to read or get online!

I did have to stop for awhile to pack some orders.  I had one huge one for a girl in Missouri and even while packing orders,  I would hop out the door to feed the (ravenous!) fire.

So, why did I entitle this entry Enjoying them While We May?  What else?  Tonight’s forecast: snow!  Of course!

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