How I (Mis) Spent My Day

Yikes!  This morning, as everyone was hustling to get ready for school,  Mark said he was just too pooped to take the kids to Canandaigua….would I mind going?   Argh.  The house was a disaster and, well, yeah sure.  We were off and running a little after seven.  As I drove along the roads,  the frustration of leaving all my work on hold made me nuts, but it was okay, as I could do a little shopping that needed to be done.

I  (really “we”, as Murphy was with me)  dropped the kids off and began our long day of…well, sitting!  I have never done very well sitting, so we moved around a bit!  I visited a few stores…WalMart,  Big Lots, Dollar Tree,  Wegman’s, Bed Bath and Beyond,  Aldi, and Lowe’s.  We also visited the City Pier and sat at another parking lot near the lake for awhile.  Murphy was such a good little Scottie Boy, spending time waiting for me as I hopped in and out of stores!

I took a few random photos…

Still dry-docked, but getting gussied up!


Lots and lots of squawking gulls on Squaw Island. Noisy!!!!

As we were leaving the pier, I had to stop for Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.  Guess they own the pier, after all! 

On the way to the Dollar Tree, there was some activity in the plaza parking lot.  I parked away and sat and watched for awhile.  The plaza is going to be the new home of JoAnn Fabrics.  I used to work at another JoAnn’s years and years ago.  The Canandaigua store was located in the old WalMart Plaza and it was pretty run down.  This plaza is basically kitty-corner from the old store, but located in a very active plaza. The store is also going to be much larger.

I think they were hoisting air conditioning (or heating/cooling) units on top of the new store.

I smiled when I read the name of the company doing the work…

That crane was sooooo tall!  The name on the front is McGuiness Tree Removal.  I guess they could uproot some pretty big trees with that machine!

The work in progress was so fascinating, even Murphy watched!

When we were at the lake,  I was hoping to see some waterfowl, but the only birds around were some Coots and the Mallard Ducks.  I did spot one lonely Bufflehead Duck.  No idea why it was out in the water, solo!  I did see lots of Canada Geese wandering around here and there…I think they are getting ready to raise some little goslings soon.

When I got home, I had so many tasks to attend to…one being checking the sap buckets.  The sap slowed down to a standstill with the bitter weather we have been experiencing, but that was okay, as I got a chance to catch up with all the sap I had.  As I checked the buckets today, there was so much sap!  I think I collected about eight gallons from the six trees we have tapped! Time to fire up my makeshift stove outside and evaporate once again!   The weather is calling for some more snow on Friday…