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Tis morning as I was hopping back and forth between house and garage for firewood, I saw a leaf “embedded” in the snow.  The leaf had apparently landed on top of the snow and when the sun came out to shine on the leaf,  it began to “sink” into the snow!

The leaf was sunken down about an inch below the surface of the rest of the snow.  It really was unique!

After the grumbling of yesterday’s entry, I thought perhaps I should showcase a little “sunshine” in the house! 

The geranium plant must be three of four years old, given to us by Pastor Burt.  Strangely enough, I have kept it over the winters, usually down in the basement.  This year, I placed in a western living room window.  As I watched the plant,  that eureka moment made me realize I had never fertilized this plant!  I went to the garage and grabbed the Miracle Grow box I had out there. (Miracle Grow was formulated in Geneva, New York, just about thirty miles from our house!)

I used a tiny amount of Miracle Grow on the geranium and within a couple of weeks, the green color of the leaves was more vibrant and little bracts of flowers began to appear!  How could I remember to feed my family and my Scotties, but forget about my plants?

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  1. Miracle Grow is just that…miraculous!!! LOVE that stuff!!! Not that I am very good at growing things…that is Ben’s department…but Miracle Grow sure does help!!

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