Okay, so I am not one to complain about cold weather, snow, and the like. However….we are coming up on the tail end of March and it is freezing!  It seems like everyone is commenting on how cold it is!  Usually, by this time of the year, we are beginning to feel a bit of war

I won’t bother boring you with a lot of words.  Instead, I have two photos I took late this afternoon **after** the sun had been shining throughout the day.  So, you decide if all the whining is justified, or not!

Oh, just for clarification, when Mark and I built our house, we aimed it due south to grab the sun’s rays in the winter months.  That Holly is planted right in the front and center of the house.  Due south.  The taps on the trees….they are all drilled facing due south! 

The sap refuses to run when it is this cold out and any little bit of sap that was left in the buckets spent the day frozen solid.  This was okay, as I boiled down the last of the sap on the woodstove, inside the house yesterday and today.  Today, I sealed up jar number seven, for a total of 7/8 gallon of syrup!  Remember, my goal was to get one gallon for our family.  I am so psyched, because it is pretty obvious I will have enough sap to make up plenty more syrup to give as gifts!

Now, of the weather would just warm up a tad!