The Fruits of My Labors…

Thus far.  3/4 gallon.  My goal was 1 gallon.  I may end up with much more than I had bargained for!

I took a few pictures this morning as well.  Believe me, as the sun made its way across the eastern sky this morning,  I am sure there was rejoicing to be heard after yesterday’s snow!  Up in Rochester (NY) there were several accidents all attributed to the slippery roadways.  One of the saddest was a young man from Ghana who was attending college near Rochester…he had a head on collision in his little car with a huge utility truck.  He was pronounced dead on the scene.

The last two photos were taken later in the morning.  I had walked down the driveway to get the mail.  At the time, there were beautiful blue skies and the contrast between the frost on the hills and the sky was striking!  Unfortunately, by the time I walked to the house and grabbed my camera,  the clouds were already settling in.  Oh well, it was so beautiful, blue skies or not!

If you click to enlarge the first photo, you can see the line where the trees are bare, as opposed to those high up on the hill, covered in frost and snow.

In the last photo, I zoomed in a bit and the line between bare trees and trees “frosted” is more pronounced!

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  1. LOVE the syrup jars!!! It sure is alot of work though, isn’t it?? Years ago, a friend of mine tried it. Just once though. She said it was just too much! I am so glad that the snow has melted quickly. I’d love to get together…will send you a message!!

  2. Think I’ll just pop over for some pancakes and syrup – just get rid of the snow! It’s another glorious morning here, and spring seems to have arrived for sure, along with the wee golden trumpets of my miniature daffodils. Must get a photo soon …

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