What Would You Think???

This afternoon, Mark, Ben, and I pulled into a parking lot.  On the front of the building, in LARGE letters were the words Live Chicks Inside!  So…..what do you think?

Well, of course! We were at Tractor Supply, after all!

On another note,  Mark decided to try to revive the Panasonic camera.  Yikes!  Being a mechanical engineer means that one fearlessly (or otherwise!) has no problems taking said camera apart and allowing the thing to dry out!  Mark had called Panasonic and asked about cameras.  They do not repair water-damaged cameras…not sure if that is all cameras or just point-and-shoot models.  Anyway, Mark figured he would take the thing apart and see what would happen.  He has nothing to lose, after all.  So far, the unit turns on, the flash works, but all else is still not working.

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  1. If you weren’t at Tractor Supply…that sign would have a WHOLE different meaning!! Being married to an engineer…I know exactly what you mean! They take everything apart!!! Who knows how they get it all back together again. I guess that’s why they have the degree! Hope he gets it working again!!

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