A Bit Late!

I was going to blog about our grand adventure to visit with my parents on Wednesday night after we got home, but I had taken a photo with my cell phone and my computer and cell are not on speaking terms, it seems.  The computer keeps telling me I have an error when I try to view the photos on my storage card.  So, that means I need to fish around for an adapter for my wee little micro SD card from the phone….not that I am lazy.  Just tired!

All this to say a Happy Belated St. Paddy’s Day.  This fellow was sporting a grand green chapeau for the green holiday at the rod and gun club my parents belong to.  We were there the day before St. Paddy’s and I had a dish that was chicken with a fabulous artichoke and spinach sauce on it!

All decked out for St. Paddy’s Day!
Since I am looking at photos from the cell phone, I might as well include this one…we had gone to Tractor Supply and as Mark was talking to me,  I could hear the tiniest little “peeps” calling out.  Well, I knew just where to look!  (I love this time of the year when these little peeps are made available)
The chicks were just called “Pullets” and the ducks…well, “Ducks”!
Let’s see….
Yesterday,  we went for a little ride in the woods on the ATV’s.  We had a slight tragedy in that my little Panasonic camera is no more.  It went for a big tumble down into a ravine and ended up in the water (all the while in its case).   The camera has a metal case and wound up with n’ary a dent in it! Mark is trying to revive it, but…well…I am saddened as that camera literally went everywhere with me.  It was small enough to tuck into a pocket and helped me sneak some photos where I could never have gotten away with the big Nikons. 
Today, my dad went in an got a shot of cortisone to help with some wicked pain in his back.   He has been suffering for a long time and his doctor recommended getting the shot to give him some relief!  I talked to my mom tonight and she told me my dad is doing quite well and feeling better!  I am so happy, as he has not been able to do projects and things like he normally does.  Many years ago, I had a cortisone shot administered in my knee.  I had had surgery to remove a cyst from the muscle behind my knee and afterward, my knees both swelled up and hurt so badly, I could barely walk.  The doctor got tired of my complaining, so he gave me a shot, telling me it would “only” last about six months.  That was thirty-some years ago and I never had pain like that  in my knees since. I hope my dad’s results are as great as mine were!
On another happy note,  Mark and I made a quick run to Naples today and as we passed by Woodville,  I spotted an eagle in “the tree”! (the one where I took all my eagle photos!)  There was also a flock(?) gaggle (?) of Buffhead Ducks swimming near the shore until I got out of the truck.  They are so beautiful with their black and white markings…very striking!

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  1. Glad your dad is feeling better!! I have had cortisone shots in my feet and in my knees. NOT a pleasant experience by any stretch!! I didn’t have the same good luck you had though. It only helped for a short while. They don’t like to give too many of those due to the long term damage that can be caused though…

    Can you believe that they are saying SNOW for Wednesday??? Maybe you’ll get another ride in???

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