Glad to See this Week Come to an End!

Wow, we have been so busy this past week!  With the kids off for Spring Break, we have been busy.

Yesterday, Michelle wanted to visit with her friend in Penn Yan.  Mark had suggested that while she visited, we could make a quick run for Sauder’s up in Seneca Falls.  We scooted off pretty quickly and Mark and I shopped at the store at a fairly brisk pace.  We hopped back in the truck and rushed toward Penn Yan to pick Michelle up again.

After picking Michelle up, we needed to make a mad dash to arrive inFarmington to pick up a new pan for evaporating the sap for my Maple syrup production.  After reading and researching,  we came to the conclusion that a flat rectangular pan would hasten the syrup production somewhat.  We discovered a kitchen supply company we had not known existed while looking online.   After picking up the pan, it was another mad dash to take the kids to the bowling alley in Canandaigua where they met up with friends!

Oh, but before we dropped the kids at the bowling alley, we stopped by Tractor Supply.  Mark wanted to look around a little there…as I was standing near him,  I heard the distinct “peep” sound of young chicks!  I raced over to the area where chicks and ducklings are kept and found them!

Sad to say, I took a photo with the cell phone, but it came out terrible!  There were tiny chicks and ducklings!  There is nothing quite so sweet as holding a tiny duck. They are so fluffy and yellow and adorable!!

We took the kids over to bowl and while they did that,  Mark and I sat in the truck,  just trying to relax a bit!  We knew, after all, that today was going to be (yet!) another busy day!

The alarm clocks were going off at 6 am here this morning and everyone had to hustle and bustle to get out the door at 7:30.  Today was an open house at Rochester Institute of Technology for transfer students.  Michelle was kind of interested in RIT, but she had applied mainly just to see if she would be accepted.

We arrived at RIT at about 8:30 where a nice continental breakfast was laid out for the open house.  We grabbed a bite and headed into an auditorium for a welcome and general information.  We were impressed by the presentation and afterward,  kids were dismissed according to the discipline for which they were applying.  We went to the business college located a short distance from where we started.

We sat in on a business presentation and it was incredible!  The business college, we discovered,  is rated in the top 5% of business colleges in the USA.  As the presentation went on,  it seemed like the college became more and more wonderful! RIT has grabbed Michelle by the heartstrings!  Although she was so impressed with Keuka College for its tiny presence,  she has been awestruck by RIT.  The business college is rather small, but RIT overall is a large college. Even though Michelle thought a large school would overwhelm her,  she is now reconsidering.

After the business presentation,  Michelle and I took a guided tour, led by a current student.  The college is huge, with so many buildings housing the different disciplines of study.  The tour was a brisk walk of over an hour and when we were done, both Michelle and I were happy to just sit down and rest and ponder the school! 

We had to stop at a few stores before leaving Rochester and finally got back home a little after 7.  Phew!  What a whirlwind week this has been!