Home Late Once Again!

This time, home from a visit with my parents!  We made the drive to visit as we have not been there in ages!  It was wonderful seeing my parents, my brother Randy, and little Fritz.  We had a great time and went to the Rod and Gun Club for a delicious dinner.

Since it is so late, I am going to post a couple of photos to show how I have been spending some of my time!

And the end result…

I have honestly never seen syrup this color for sale before!  It is so light in color and the flavor is so sweet!

We talked to some people at Sprague’s Restaurant today that are involved in their syrup production…the lady said the sap is running so abundantly, they are having a hard time keeping up in production.  I believe it, because the trees are giving so much sap each day.  I had heard on the radio this is going to be a banner year and I guess Sprague’s verified it!  Now I will either end up with lots of yummy syrup, or go crazy trying to do so!