Oh, that One Last Ride…

Off and running on our (most likely) ride of the season
The snow was deep and the scenery amazing!


How could the season be coming to a close?  The base was deep, the trails, beautiful and the sights…spectacular!

The deeper we went into the wooded areas, the more amazing the scenery!

Mark (l) chatting with a couple of riders on the trail.

Oops…Mark put the camera on “alien mode” (just kidding!) to snap this shot of me. The snowmobiles float on top of snow that was up to my knees! And to think our snow is almost all gone in the Bristolwood!


The sun was poking through and yes, the icy snow on the branches was beginning to drip..drip...drip.
There's the groomer!

The water is running in the rivers and streams…a sure sign that things are warming up.  The temperatures the rest of this week are going to be above freezing, and with accompanying rain showers,  the snowmobile trails will face a certain demise…

As we passed by this cabin, I just had to photograph it..it was so pretty nestled snuggly in the snow. When we came back a few hours later, two men were on top of the roof, shoveling the snow off!
Ben wanted to go back to the "Land of the Giants". We observed a large amount of ice on those rotatig blades...
Almost back to home base with such mixed emotions. This was such a beautiful ride.

We arrived back at the truck where Michelle had done a lot of reading for school!  The kids have this week off for Spring Break, but Michelle really keeps on top of her work!  She enjoyed sitting in the truck with the Scotties while we rode, but she wanted to ride “for about an hour”.   Ben agreed to ride with her on over to Barne’s Corners, so after loading Mark’s sled on the trailer,  the kids were off!  Mark and I drove on over to Barne’s Corners in the truck to meet them. 

After leaving our parking area, within maybe a half a mile,  all the snow disappeared!  It wasn’t until we came closer to Barne’s Corners that the snow reappeared!  (and it was pretty deep, too!)

As we left to drive over to Barnes Corners to meet the kids, we saw the BIGGEST flock of seagulls swarming near the landfill!

Well, as you can see from this lot located in Barne's Corners, we weren't te only ones out enjoying a "farewell" ride. Although there is copious amounts of snow in the woods, the surrounding areas are getting pretty well worn down.  After this week's promised rain, much of the snow will turn to slush and the trails will no longer be so nice.  So, farewell, snowmobiling! We could not have enjoyed it any more!!!

As you can see by the parking lot at Barne’s Corners, we were not the only ones out enjoying this day!  With the promised rains and rising temperatures this week,  the trails will soon turn to mush and no longer be very nice to ride. It is so hard to say good-bye to this enjoyable sport.  Snowmobiling takes one to places one would never see to see sights that are unrivaled!  We could not have enjoyed this season any more!!!