Job Well Done

I mentioned a few days ago that Ben had replaced the O2 sensor on our pickup truck.  Mark had purchased a monitor that reads the computer code when plugged into the truck.  After the O2 sensor was replaced,  Mark cleared the codes and that was an “oops”!  The manual that came with the monitor instructed that the codes should be cleared.   That means that after this is done, the truck needed to be driven following a specific set of intructions. (One such instruction said the vehicle must be driven to 55 MPH, then without touching the brake pedal, the vehicle must be allowed to slow down to a speed of 20 MPH…like this is supposed to be an easy thing to do?)

Mark used the monitor after doing several of the sequences and it said that one of the codes had not cleared.  Mark called the garage he generally goes to and asked about the codes.  The manager of the store insisted that any vehicle the age of our truck must pass ALL of the codes.  So, Mark called another garage where he was told one code not read would be okay.  The Chevy garage agreed with the second evaluation. 

Frustrated beyond his limits,  Mark called Albany to speak to someone in the DMV.  He was connected to a rather stern sounding man who had quite the sense of humor!  Mark asked him the same question and he said right away that one code not read is fine and dandy.  Mark asked if he was sure and he insisted his job is instructing garages in the state as to the laws.  He also told Mark all of the information is no secret….it is all published online!

Armed with this latest round of information,  Mark made an appointment with the first garage. (with the wrong info)  The only reason he went there is because the store located a few miles away was booked solid until Friday.  So, off we went, hoping the monitor that Mark had was correct in its reading. 

We waited in that store for well over an hour and then the manager came out with the paperwork, showing Mark that “no codes” came up.  Well, isn’t that something?  Mark didn’t say a word, as the manager was pleased as punch that he knew everything there was to know!  Unfortunately,  the state software doesn’t tell if one code is unread…it is only a pass/fail reading.  The manager is unaware of this. Mark tested the codes immediately after the inspection and sure enough, one code still is not being read.  The man at the DMV said the code that isn’t reading is a stubborn one as it is temperature sensitive.  Our weather has been pretty cold, so this code is hard to get a reading.

Afterwards,  I went grocery shopping for the first time in about three weeks.  It was nice to be able to shop without having Mark and the kids getting the things we need. 

After putting the groceries away late this afternoon,  I saw a flock of turkeys out back.  I raced up and grabbed the camera…

As you can see, these birds really blend right in with their habitat!

After they left, I wondered if they left any big footprints in the snow.  I walked up to where they were.  They had scratched all over, looking for food!

Although my feet are not “big”, they certainly are not “tiny”!  Look at the size of that footprint to the right of my boot!

As I walked back down the hill toward the house, I smiled as I came upon this….

One of those birds had dirty feet and left behind some handy dandy markers….follow the arrows to the wild turkeys!