A Great Day Out

We took Mark’s mom to a mid-morning doctor appointment today.  While she was at the appointment, Ben and I looked around Target and some other stores for more goodies for Ben’s room. 

My mother-in-law’s appointment ended much later than she had anticipated and as we drove back toward her house, Mark asked if she minded if we stopped by to see the swans before taking her home.  She said it would be fine, so Mark headed off to the lake.

I’m not sure how many swans were there, but it was a lot, along with Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks and dive-bombing pigeons and gulls!  I soloed bravely over to where the waterfowl hung out,  bucket of cracked corn in hand.  I was greeted by quite the welcoming committee!

Of course, my bucket (and I) caused quite the disturbance in waterfowl land. The ducks came to gobble up corn while the Canada Geese tried to chase them off while the Swans went after the geese and each other!  I never saw so much “goosing” going on….the swans kept grabbing one another by the neck!

One large cygnet…I guess it would be thus described, as the youngster still had a good deal of gray coloring,  clung to me as though I was its mother!

I offered this (monster!) some corn from my hand and it nearly bit my fingers off!  Okay, so it wasn’t that bad, but after hand feeding, the spoiled brat would not eat from the ground!  I placed some corn on the bucket lid and that was okay, but when I held the bucket up, the ravenous bird dove headfirst into the bucket and came up gobbling like it had never seen food before!

That youngster followed me around and kept eyeing me! Have you any idea how difficult it is to tryphotographing wildlife while it keeps coming closer and closer?  Yeah,  I guess I asked for it by feeding them, but these birds seemed famished.  I know a lot of people feed the birds stale bread, but I read this isn’t good for them and is equated to feeding children only candy as bread really doesn’t give them much nutrition wise.  I always buy a bag of cracked corn when I go to the feed store as I know this contains nutrients they require.

I was only with the birds maybe fifteen minutes, but it was fun and time well spent.  There was a woman nearby shooting photos with her point and shoot.  Wonder if she got any of me…probably thinking I am crazy.  That’s okay…I love nature and wildlife and the great outdoors!

Besides, if I wasn’t a “little” crazed, what fun would you have reading my blog, Dear Reader?