Blah, Blah, Blah…

Not a very nice title is it?  Well, the honest-to-goodness truth is I am suffering something fierce from a case of cabin fever! After being cooped up and spending countless hours lying in bed for almost two weeks,  I feel so good, the last thing I want to do is stay at home cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and so on!!!  I want a vacation!

I didn’t get much accomplished today, although I did do many things!  I am tired of doing menial things…Mark had recorded several episodes of Sarah Palin’s Alaska and I think seeing the beautiful Alaskan countryside is just making me even more antsy! One of the episodes involved traveling by helicopter to a glacier where a fellow resides with his team of sled dogs! Let me tell you, it was fascinating!  Having visited Alaska,  I can assure you there simply is no place like it on earth.  Unique. Beautiful. And very enticing!

On top of seeing these television broadcasts,  Michelle and Ben were friends with a family who moved from Middlesex to Alaska a couple of summers ago.  I have been reading a bit about their adventures and that is even more of a draw.  As you know, I am not afraid of cold or winter or wintry weather.  Every time I see or hear about Alaska, my heart does a little *ping*!  Oh, it would be so lovely to return there again.

This morning, after shoveling through about eight inches of snow in front of the garage, I came into the house and flopped down on the bed to relax and put my feet up for a few minutes.  I had just flopped when Ben came running into the house and yelled, Mom come quickly!  Too tired (and perhaps a bit too engrossed in a word game) I questioned Ben what he wanted.  He told me there were hundreds and hundreds of geese flying overhead.  I smiled.  Perhaps my love of all things outdoors was having an effect on my kids?

Well, it is back to the blahs.  We do have to drive Mark’s mom to the doctor tomorrow for an appointment.  We have not been to Rochester in what seems like forever.  Tomorrow will be a busy day and that is fine with me!