Another Very Quiet Day!

Today was rather uneventful….a lot like yesterday, except for all the snowfall!  My, we got such a drenching rain yesterday, and today, it all turned to snow!  There are several inches on the ground, with more still falling.

Once again, one of the day’s highlights was the Buffalo Sabres beating the Minnesota Wild this evening. It was a nailbiting game, but we pulled through and won!  Way to go, Sabres!  I know they must have been tired after yesterday’s afternoon game, then flying to Minnesota.

I am going to show just a few photos of Ben’s room.  He has been busy working on it and it really does look pretty classy!

The lamp on the shelf to the right was a gift I found for the new room at The Hobby Lobby.  I love the gold color, but was not sure Ben would.  He says he does like it though. You can see his new headboard and the futon below his loft bed.  He has a “railing” he is going to install on the bed that is unusual but pretty clever.  We’ll have to wait for that, though.

These pictures aren’t the greatest as we took them tonight with flash. But, you can get the idea! Ben decided he did not want to use his closet space as closet space!  Instead, he moved his guitar, bass, and two amps into the area.  It does look pretty cool.

The last photo is of the headboard Mark and Ben built together.  It really is a nice touch to the loft bed.

There is still more work to be done and we need to find furniture that will fit nicely an not emphasize the “postage stamp” size room.   In the meantime, everything is coming together so nicely.  Good job, Ben!