Today was a very boring day in many ways.  The rain that was forecast came in the form of drizzle throughout the day.  As it fell, the snow decreased a good deal.

This afternoon, Mark and I watched the Buffalo Sabres play the Philadelphia Flyers.  In the first period, it looked like Philly was going to run away with the game.  I wasn’t so sure I had the heart to watch the game, but I was sure glad I hung in there!  In the second and third periods, Buffalo really poured it on and wound up winning the game 5:3!

After the game, Mark had a “little problem” to attend to.  Our truck needs to be inspected, but a couple weeks ago, the “check engine” light lit up on the dashboard.  Mark went to Advance Auto and the fellow there diagnosed the problem as an O2 sensor.  Mark went online and discovered changing the sensor was similar to replacing spark plugs.  He read as much as he could and decided it would be worth a try to fix it.

This afternoon, Ben went out with Mark and worked under the truck replaced the faulty sensor.  Sure enough, once the code was cleared on the monitor,  the error code disappeared!  Great job, Ben!  I am glad Mark has that do-it-yourself attitude.  Ben is learning so many new skills and practical knowledge that will certainly help him later in his life!

I spent a couple hours in the garage and got chilled to te bone. When Ben vame in after fixing the O2 sensor, he asked if pizza would be okay for supper.  I gave him a big thumbs-up, as I had not planned anything.  Mark and Ben drove on up to the store and they said the error light never came back on, so hopefully, the problem is resolved!

Tomorrow, our rain is supposed to turn to snow and we are due to get several inches….